Boosting Sales With Effective Point Of Sale Displays

The right point of sale displays can make a huge difference to any retail business's profits. Whilst good deals and the right interior design will make people want to buy from you, it is amazing just how easily the right POS displays can coax people into buying items they didn't even know they wanted.

Ultimately, good deals and effective retail displays will allow people to find what they went into a shop to buy. However, by utilising POS displays on top of ordinary shop fittings, you are likely to find that people buy many other items on impulse, often simply because, whilst waiting in line, they will be standing next to such items for a long enough time for them to become appealing.

Impulse buying is extremely important for almost any retail business as it can help to dramatically boost spend per customer. In turn, you might not have to attract as many customers into your store if you can utilise the right displays to maximise the amount each one spends.

Of course, whilst finding the right company to source such supplies from will be extremely important to ensure any product you buy is the perfect solution for your needs, you will also need to make sure that you choose the right items to display at those points of sale.

In supermarkets and grocery shops, confectionery makes the most sense, whilst many clothes shops will opt for more universal needs such as underwear. However, it is also possible to break out of this mould and, with a little bit of research into your demographic, add items to your points of sale that will attract far more of your customers and offer higher profit margins than socks and pants might be able to.

This may therefore be the place to start, as the items you are likely to sell will almost certainly influence the types of display stands that you purchase. It may also be that certain items always remain by your tills and that others are rotated on a regular basis so that customers visiting your store frequently can constantly be lured in by the offers you have on sale as they wait to pay.

It may also make sense to have items of different prices by your points of sale. Whilst more costly items will indeed boost your profit margins, it may be easier to lure people into impulse buying if the items by your tills are low in price. In turn, a mixture of offers may make the most sense to lure in those with differing levels of expendable cash.

Once you have the right products to sell and the right retail supplies to help you do so, consider getting your staff to recommend certain products too, especially when these might compliment purchases that customers are making. The more work you do to push such sales, the more profit you are likely to make, and such an approach is not always going to seem like a pushy one. Instead, you may actually be helping your customers to find products they didn't even realise they needed.

Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He regularly contributes articles to retail companies such as Morplan.

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