Contemporary Marketing Trends: Promoting your Business in 2013

integrated marketingConsumer confidence is on an upward trend in the UK, and this reflects a global theme that is prevalent throughout the U.S. and even developing economies throughout the world. This is contributing towards a worldwide recovery, and offering businesses the opportunity to expand into new and more profitable markets.

While increased consumer spending is one thing, however, it means little unless your business can capitalise on this and markets its products effectively. To achieve this, it is important to understand the mindset of modern consumers, and the factors that motivate them to part with their hard earned money.

Leading Marketing Trends in 2013: Learning how to Promote your Business

Marketing has changed considerably in the last decade, thanks primarily to the impact of Google and technological innovation. While the former has changed the boundaries of online marketing and sought to create an improved consumer experience, for example, the latter has established new mediums through which businesses can target an audience. Consider the latest trends and how they can help you to market your products or services:

  • The Fusion Between Offline and Online Marketing Methods: As digital marketing techniques have become increasingly prominent, businesses have gradually lost touch with the benefits delivered by offline advertising. This has changed in recent times, however, as firms have begun to embrace offline marketing techniques as a way of driving more technologically advanced promotional vehicles. The fusion between the virtual and corporeal world is continuing to gather momentum, with modern marketers keen to combine the best of both mediums in order to establish a fully interactive campaign. This can be easily achieved, as all that is required is an innovative thought process and access to an integrated social media profile.
  • The Importance of High Quality Print and Display Materials: While offline marketing techniques may be enjoying a resurgence, the providers of printing and display services have been forced to lower their price points in a bid to remain competitive. As a result of this, you should look to invest in high quality print and display materials, which can be used to market your brand and to adorn all point of sale locations. This is especially important if you attend trade shows and industry specific exhibitions, as this provides you with a unique opportunity to meet your consumers directly and present a carefully cultivated image. Consider partnering with reputable service providers such as, as this will enable you to purchase all of your offline marketing material from a trusted supplier.
  • Social Sharing and Consumer Engagement: In the world of online marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation) has remained a staple feature since the turn of the century. This technique has lost its influence in the last 18 months, however, primarily because Google have sought to promote content marketing as a more beneficial alternative. The difference between the two is marginal, but the latter looks to educate and engage consumers rather than simply enhancing brand visibility according to a simple set of keyword phrases. Social sharing is also emerging as a key feature of this, as your relevant and informative content must be distributed across a diverse network of followers. This will not only help to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, but it may also bring even more consumers into the fold.

The Bottom Line in Marketing

While these trends are part of a wider evolution, they must be followed carefully if you are to succeed in an increasingly competitive business market. Marketing in 2013 is an increasingly diverse and flexible concept, as it relies upon both technological advancement and traditional techniques to create the ultimate consumer experience.

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