The Secret To Donor Retention – ‘Keep Them Engaged’

Have you been making new donors for your non-profit lately? If yes, then you’ve certainly improved your strategies and the changed strategies are proving to be helpful. But, the question that most of you might just be ignoring is whether or not you have the strategies for donor retention – and that’s what you need to focus on for the longer period time.


While most of the non-profits are focusing on engaging new donors only a few are focusing on retaining the donors using the right means. This post specially focuses on the secret to donor retention, something that all non profits and churches are currently looking for. Read the post until the end because there’s a lot of valuable information that you need.

What does donor retention mean?

Donor retention is when your old donors never really get old and are in constant touch with you and your nonprofit organization, making regular donations to your organization. The thing to note here is that nonprofits might remain in touch with the donor during the initial days but fail to maintain that relationship till the very end, which may cause the donor to leave in some time.

The secret to donor retention – Keeping Them Engaged

By all means keeping the nonprofit’s donor retained is all you need to get regular donations but this becomes slightly difficult when there are a number of donors that you will have to manage. This is when you need to know the secret – keeping the donors engaged.

Keeping the donors engaged means staying in regular touch with them on your organizations special days and even on theirs. It is essential to know your donors and what keeps them going, also keeping in mind that not all donors are exactly the same.

Donor engagement – The tricks you need to know

  • Communicate: The first of the many things you need to do is regularly communicate with your donors through phone calls or at least messages. It is important to let your donors know that you care and how their donations are helping you change lives. Wish them birthdays and anniversaries, and wish them on the other important days. It is also okay to let them know it’s being a long time since they last donated and how they can contribute now.
  • Create New Donation Plans: The next thing nonprofits can do is create new donation plans for the donors. Creating new donation plans simplifies the donation process for the buyers and keeps them engaged – showing you’re interested and value the donations they’re making.
  • Write NotesSometimes: It is always a great thing to remain personally connected to you donors, and speaking from a donor’s perspective it is always a great feeling to receive handwritten notes. You don’t really have to write long letters of love; just pen down a few words of appreciation and thankfulness, that’s all that’ll make the entire difference.

How will donor retention make a difference?

More donors = more donations.

You can continue finding new donors for your nonprofit but the old will always be the best, preferably because they were among the first few people to trust your words and actions and who took the initiative to help you make things simple and easy. New donors will always increase the number but the old donors will be your testimonial – speaking of your values.

Remember the older the donor the better you portfolio would become.


Communication is the key to donor retention because it keeps the donor engaged with you and your nonprofit in some way or the other, more so it lets them know that you love them and how that their donations are actually making a difference in the world.


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