How To Make a Webinar

webinarWebcasting did not only bring number of benefits to small folks in form of audio and video podcasts, but it also largely contributed to large companies in their business fields. Regardless of industry, various webcast forms changed the way we interact with online audience. One of the most famous internet broadcast forms nowadays is - webinar.

The great thing about webinars is not only the fact they become more popular each day, but the fact they can cut up number of expenses related to organizing standard seminars. They break standard barriers and make for great solution when you have to outreach to your employees, co-workers, fellow students or clients while being miles away from each others.

If you haven't had chance to participate in one you have sure heard about webinars at least. Before or later you might get to organize one and this post will help you just with that. Read on to find out what you should consider, pay attention to, and what you should be the most careful about when organizing a webcasting seminar, or popularly called - webinar.

Setup Webinar Check List

In order to successfully organize and host a webinar you will need correct approach nonetheless. That would be organizational one with use of check-list as a must-have.

There are plenty of things you should keep in your mind and check-list makes sure none vanishes and you get to have access to them at any time. You can refer to this post to make your checklist.

Scheduling Webinar Time and Date

Unlike standard seminar, where your audience gathers are previously setup rendezvous facility, be it a hotel, sale, or whatever else, webinars require more attention to scheduling time and date.

Analyze your audience whereabouts and consider the different time zones, if any. If need be, outreach to your audience and make a quick poll to see when it fits for the most of them to attend your webinar. It is impossible to hit a bull's-eye on everybody's schedule, thus schedule to majority.

Choose Tool or Company

This is very important step as it might make your webinar a total blast or a total blow in the wind. In order to host a webinar you need a tool or platform that would allow you to screenshare and outreach to your audience online.

There are various webinar tools out there, each of them sporting different specs. Choose wisely according to your speed connection, number of people attending a webinar, budget and some additional features.

In order to organize a webcasting conference or a webinar of larger scales, you might want to have a word with few of the companies offering service of hosting webcast presentations and webinars at their platforms. Those who host larger online events should consider this option.


Brush Up On Details

Webinar presentations should be given plenty of attention. As interactivity with your audience is lowered comparison to standard seminar, your presentation should be as illustrative and interactive as possible.

Release your creative skills and make your presentation visually appealing. Don't run away from using videos or interactive apps to spice it up.

Forget about text-based presentations and pay attention to presentation design and graphics. Consider short talk with professional designers and experienced webinar lecturers to make your webinar presentation worth remembering.

Invitations and Agenda

Just like with the standard webinars, invitations and agenda are well desired and make a distinctive professional touch. Don't fail these small tests.

Pay attention to agenda copy as you might have more audience than you initially planned thanks to neatly developed agenda. Extra audience doesn't hurt.

Tailor your invitations and agenda according to your presentation topic and don't forget to send them out timely. There is no use of agenda or invitation arriving day before the webinar.


As with any form of online meeting, follow up is utterly important. Take your time to inspect your audience and note the feedback. It might serve you as a great stepping stone to your future online presentations.

Engage your audience shortly after the webinar reminding them of the webinar's strong-points and highlight the most important thing they learned.

If you have any questions, please ask below!