How to Increase Sales with Direct Mail and Marketing Tactics

regrtgytgyteIt is important to advertise your business. Everyone knows this, it’s obvious. It is 2017 and we are in the prime of the digital age, technology is advancing so quickly that it becomes difficult for some businesses to keep up. However, while keeping up with the latest digital marketing strategies is important, it is also important to keep to the roots of marketing. Old fashioned techniques like direct mail marketing are being given up and tossed aside by many companies and businesses only to be completely replaced with solely online marketing. This is an awful business model. As the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Direct mail marketing is a marketing tactic that involves mailing physical printed promotional pieces to your target audience and demographic. Yes, mailing, not emailing.

In this article, I am going to show you some direct mail marketing tactics that should help you with your business advertising as well as some other forms of marketing.

Below are some of the most widely-known ways to increase sales with direct mail and marketing.


Mailing physical coupons to new customers or long time loyal customers is a good way to get the new customers excited to use your products or services and keeps your already existing audience engaged and coming back.

Thank-You Cards

If you have some longtime customers, let them know you appreciate their business. Sending thank you cards to customers will make things more personal and human.

New Movers

Using a New Movers mailing list can help you find new people in certain areas you are trying to advertise to. These are potential new customers. Make a good impression on them.

Facebook Events

Events on Facebook are great because you can use these to advertise events happening with your business as well as any limited time sales you may be holding. Plus, when people RSVP and post into the event page, their friends will be notified of these actions. It’s basically free advertising.


Valpak is a popular marketing service where businesses can have their products and services advertised with Valpak’s coupons. Not only do they mail coupons to consumers, they also do online coupon codes for several businesses.

Social Media Contests

Hosting contests online that involve your audience sharing your posts creates word of mouth advertising. Plus, people will want to engage and be involved because they have a chance at winning something.

Product Samples

No longer will your customers find paper mail a nuisance. Include a product sample as a trial tool and your direct mail will automatically become something to look forward to. There are niche companies that specialize in creating product samples—make the most of this avenue in an effort to increase the ROI on your brand.

Phone Calls

Some companies pick random customers of theirs and call them to ask how the products they have purchased from the company are performing. This is very personal and makes your customers feel cared about which will keep them around much longer.

Educational Offers on Video

Customers love Youtube! Good offers in different media formats help generate responses from customers/clients you may not have utilized in the past. Online videos create new openings to educate prospects who don’t have the opportunity or might never attend an educational seminar physically.

Personalize Content

Take the time to learn about your customer, and converse with them accordingly. Find out their shopping preferences and purchasing behavior to personalize your marketing content in an effort generate more leads and sales.

Provide Value

Make your content stand out from the rest by stepping away from the “junk mail” fever. Deliver real value—content that transcends your brand message. Utilize creative techniques and curated content that customers can use to write or reference their own copy!

All in All

These were some very widely used and successful direct mail and marketing tactics that have helped many succeed. As I mentioned earlier, both online and direct mail marketing are very important to gaining and keeping as many customers as possible.

If you have had some difficulty getting your creative juices flowing when trying to think of new ways to grow your audience I hope that this list has helped you. These are all tried and true marketing tactics. Maybe you can even take these and create new marketing techniques.

If you have any questions, please ask below!