How to Save Money on Office Furniture

imagesCreating a whole new workspace for your office will require not just certain financial resources but also quite a bit of effort on your behalf if you want your office to look good in the end. Like with any sort of furniture that you have to buy, remodeling an entire office can become really expensive and this is especially true if you don’t know how to get good deals. In order to avoid such issues, here are some ideas that can help you out and save you quite a bit of money as well.

Other Offices

If you are opening a new office or you simply want to expand, you should focus on not just getting high quality furniture but also try to get it as cheap as possible. One of the best ways to get cheap furniture that is also high quality is to look up the similar companies to yours that have closed down. In most cases they will try to sell their furniture as fast as possible for cheap prices. If you put some effort into it, you can often find plenty of pieces that are in top shape. Same goes for other offices that are maybe moving to another state. This is where you will often find the best deals. Companies that are moving will do everything they can to get rid of their accessories as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. If you offer to take the furniture off their hands on your own cost, they will often give it at a very low price. All it takes is a little bit of asking around and a little bit of ad browsing, but it really pays off in the end.

Direct Shopping

By the time the standard furniture reaches your simages (1)tore it has gone through several people and this often dramatically raises its price. One of the best ways to save some money on brand new furniture is to directly contact the manufacturers. In most cases the manufactures themselves will be able to sell your furniture directly which will greatly lower the price of the furniture. In this way, you will cut the middleman out and get the most reasonable price of furniture. Also, if you are buying more furniture at the same time, some of the manufacturers will be able to give you discounts based on the quantity.


There are few places that can be as tricky as auction houses when it comes to getting furniture cheap. In some cases certain pieces can go for a big price but at the same time you can save a lot as well. Most of the time auction houses will sell furniture in bulk from various companies and offices that are no longer around. Here you can seriously save a lot of money if your get the right deals. It might take a bit more time on your behalf but it really pays off.

New Furniture Lines

According to experts at, wimages (3)henever a furniture manufacturer creates a new line of furniture accessories they often try to get rid of the older series at a discount price. This is a prime opportunity for any buyer. Most manufacturers will try to get rid of these backlog items at low prices in order to make room for the new products.

Bulk Ordering

Before you decide to shop at a specific place, ask to talk to a manager and explain to them that you would potentially buy all the office furniture in bulk, both now and in the future if their offer certain discount and for example free shipping. Most store manages will do everything they can to keep big customers and this is a great way to get a lower prices on your office furniture.

Quarter Results

Certain times of the year, like 3rd quarter, for example, is usually the time when most businesses have to meet certain goals and they will try to sell as much furniture as possible. In some cases it may be better to wait a month or two and get new office furniture at these lower rates then just buy it a standard prices.

Store Dealers

The best place to shop for furniture is the place that has store dealers who are paid by the sale. Look for these and while the haggling may be a bit tiresome, they will often do a lot to meet your price and make a sale. You will find few other places where you can manipulate the sale prices as these places.

Office furniture shopping is an important part of every office startup. While it may look a bit complex and time consuming, the extra effort will pay off as you will get your furniture at a much lower price if you try some of these tips.

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