Few Options to Revitalize Your Business Operations

sAs a business owner, you know that business development is the critical link connecting marketing, sales, customer service, and product development. You may think that finding the time for business development seems impractical, but it isn’t. In this article, you will discover four simple steps you can take to revitalize your business operations.


Invest in Good Ergonomics

Good ergonomics results in maximum productivity and decreases the need for sick days. A sedentary workplace is a recipe for poor health. In fact,50 to 70 percent of people spend most of their time sitting at work. If your employees are practicing good ergonomics, then they are less likely to suffer from back and neck problems.

You can help your employees set up a work environment that promotes maximum safe work performance, but you’re probably wondering where to get started. First, ask yourself several questions so that you can decide what type of furniture you need. One question could be “How long will my employees use their computers each day?” Sit-to-stand and height-adjustable split workstations are excellent choices. Chairs should also support ergonomics and offer lumbar support.

Implement Software for Better Communication

Being able to communicate with employees, clients, and customers is key to staying productive and making sure everyone is on the same page. Luckily, due largely in part to the internet and improved cloud services, you have the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime. Programs such as Slack, for example, allow you to create both group and private chat channels for communication.

For example, you could create one channel for your accounting department and one for your marketing department and keep all important updates, conversations, and documents there. This way, everyone knows what is going on and can easily go back to messages to double check on plans that were made or goals that were set. You can even create separate channels for clients where you can instant message with them about the status of a project or alert them if a deadline needs to be pushed back.


Consider Additional Space

Calculating office space is not a science, but if you’re looking to revitalize and expand your business, you may need more space. You have to decide whether you want torent office space or purchase a commercial space. If you rent space, you’ll have more time to decide whether investing in additional space is worth the money.

If you can’t afford additional space, try a shorter lease at your current location. Short lease options will give you room to negotiate while you save some money and shop around until a reasonable space becomes vacant.

Rehab Warehouse Operations

The business landscape is always changing. The best way to stay abreast of changes is to make a few upgrades, such as implementing management software, to organize your warehouse. A good warehouse management system decreases the amount of time your employees spend on the distribution floor and improves order accuracy and delivery.

You can easily allow clutter to take over your workspace. But a clutter-free workspace helps you think clearly to produce better results. If you have items that need to be put away in high spaces,you can rent a scissor lift to reach those areas. It’s good practice to reorganize your warehouse at least annually.

Upgrade Your Information Technology System

IT systems can get old, run too slow, or become outdated. Your IT system could likely be obsolete, a condition which can decrease efficiency and make your business vulnerable to hackers. Take a moment to evaluate whether upgrading is right for your business. Is your current system so slow that it takes your employees longer to get their jobs done? Another area to consider is whether you will be adding or planning to add more users to your network. Remember that any future IT investments should support your long-term business goals.

You want a business strategy that’s ongoing and supports continual development. While it may seem like a huge undertaking to implement some new tasks into your workflow or to invest in new technology, you have to think about the long-term, rather than the short term. The steps you take from here will ultimately determine the success of your business. By putting in the effort now and taking the time to assess where changes can be made, you’re only laying the groundwork for a more successful future.

Remember the tips and upgrades outlined in this article and start revitalizing your business operations today.

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