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Have you Looked into an 0300 Number for Your Company?

More and more businesses are searching for new ways to grow their brand and appeal to a wider range of customers. Actually, this has also become the need of the hour for every brand owner to be most vigilant in this regard. While many look down traditional advertising or communication avenues, some entrepreneurs are noticing benefits to business in their communication strategies. They focus more and more on the improvement of these strategies so that these may benefit them maximum. Specifically, the telephone number they use to maintain contact with their clients and customers.

An 0300 number is available exclusively for certain sectors and could be the remedy to get your business firing on all cylinders. This article will provide you and your business with all the information you need when it comes to that 0300 number and help you make that all important decision. You will feel absolutely guided and must be in an ideal position to take the big decision.

What is an 0300 number?

A 0300 number is a UK-wide telephone number that isn’t attached to one particular geographical area. Rather, it works over a huge range. Normally, when you call a business you may be able to indicate their location based on the area code – and this is where a 0300 number differs. It really provides you with a great facility.

0300 numbers are used to generate a single national number for businesses as well as call routing and providing a geographically neutral position. This very blessing goes a long way towards boosting your brand and overall business position. This can be more beneficial than it may initially seem. A 0300 number is available to many sectors, including public sector bodies, charities and not-for profit brands. This clearly shows the wide range of its impact on your company.

How does a 0300 number benefit your company?

An 0300 number has many different benefits for your company, the first of which is found in the geographic neutrality that can be achieved through a 0800 number. This very benefit enables you to facilitate your customers a lot. Let’s for example say you’re looking to grow your business across the country and don’t want to be stigmatised by your London area code. A 0300 number will serve you a lot in achieving this goal of yours.

The 0300 number offers a cost-effective solution to your dilemma and provides a nationwide number for your business. It will solve a number of related problems as well. Moreover, this not only makes life easier for your business, but it also makes your customers’ lives easier when directing calls to any location throughout the UK. It should always be remembered that a 0300 number is not free and is not the same as calling a 0800 or 0808 number.

What sectors benefit from a 0300 number?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few different sectors that get the benefits from the use of a 0300 number. 0300 numbers are restricted to use only by public sector bodies, charities, and not-for-profit organisations. These are normally institutions like Government departments, local councils, the RSPCA, and national production companies like the BBC. There are contrarily some private sector companies that are unable to take advantage of the 0300 number. These include political unions and trade unions, maybe as a means of maintaining impartiality.

Additional benefits of a 0300 number.

The cost of the calls made to a 0300 number as to the local area geographic numbers is the same. Moreover, these are also a part of many telephone packages like free minutes and friends and family offers. Owing to these low call rates, people from every walk of life will get inclined to call you on this number if you own one.

As only specific types of organizations enjoy this facility, it will enhance your credibility and boost up greater trust level. This is because call costs are quite transparent and the owner of the number does not get any amount.

Concluding remarks about the all above

A 0300 number is a superb means of adding a national scope to your charity or not-for-profit business. While it provides your brand with a sense of geographical neutrality and allows calls to be easily routed to different areas of the country, they’re also cost-effective for your brand too. Customers should know that a 0300 number is not the same as a 0800 number and that a charge will be made – however this is all worth it for the ease of communication achieved through an 0300 number.

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