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Keep your ears open with these 5 tips for a better mobile customer feedback

regrtgrtOne of the effective methodologies to enhance the user mobile experience is through analysis of customer feedback. Approaching users for feedback gathering is a bit daunting task and involves various complications. The entire feedback process involves multiple stages and is much tougher than it seems. As per the research conducted, it was found that customer feedback tends to be the key factor in making an important decision pertaining to mobile product management. The basic requirement of the customer can be revealed by churning the customer feedback based on various business and technical criteria. Feedback is the key to determining the satisfaction level of the customer about your product or service, before your business gets wipe out. A happy and satisfied customer is the permanent source of income and becomes a prominent source in referral marketing.

Many customers usually compare the plans and services offered by the competitors on the market in their feedback report. This helps you to develop a strategic plan to beat your market competitors.

Sometimes it becomes imperative to directly question the customer, to gain the review about the product/services they are utilizing. One unnoticed and unattended negative review can go viral through social media platform and can ruin the long build solid reputation of the organization. To address this challenge, companies are looking for contemporary ways to fetch the reviews from users, in order to deliver a seamless mobile experience to them.

Here we elaborate 5 rich tips to obtain feedback from mobile customers.

Get engaged with your customer where they are

In many apps, users are redirected towards a web page, email interface or Twitter account to post the grievances they encounter during app usage. Such approach should be eliminated, as this leads to a decline in user engagement. The feedback feature should be incorporated in the app itself which in turn increases the rate of feedback posting.

Establish a two-way feedback connection

The entire feedback process should be seamless and customers should not experience any lags or hurdle during that time period. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the feedback feature in the app should be simple and sober. You need to choose the effective mobile communication methodology to optimize the feedback process. Texting or calling should be the primary option compared to typing a long line of complaints.

Immediately act on customer feedback

Customers should get a feeling that their feedback has been considered and valued. They should be assured that a prominent action would be implemented to resolve the issue. Directly approach the customer and allocate enough time period in order to respond to their feedback. No matter, whatever the nature of customer review is, either positive or negative, don’t forget to pass an appreciation to them. If the feedback is a suggestion or bug report, then scavenge the entire code and eliminate the bug. Once the issue has been resolved, reach the customer and intimate them about it.

Businesses move ahead on the basis of customer feedback. Periodically conducting the follow-up with customers aids in increasing engagement which turns them into your beloved fans. The feedback posted by the customers in the review section should be appreciated, at the time when the app is updated.

Proactive customer service

Usually, there is two type of customer services, one is proactive and the other one reactive. Proactive customer service is something in which the businesses make the first move to assist the customers. Reactive customer service is where the customer gets the help only after filing the issue/complaint to the support desk. Customers are usually fond of proactive service and they really appreciate it. In some cases, businesses forward a message to the customer to obtain the review about their product/services. Periodically prompting the customer for reviews imparts a feeling of assurance that the organization is all the time open for suggestion.

Classify all the feedbacks

You can classify your feedbacks into various categories like screen size, connection establishment, OS version support, battery consumption, usability etc. Categorizing feedback will help you to gain the customers perception about your application. Minor and unnoticeable technical issues can be magnified through sub-category feedback.


Obtaining feedback from customers helps your business to gain a prestigious position in the market by resolving issues and comforting them with the solution. Customer feedback is one of the important marketing strategies and should be at the top of the list. You can also leverage the benefits of social media platform for instant customer feedback. The expectations of customers can be highly revealed through feedback procedure.


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