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How to Oversee a Productive Office Refit

modern-officeWhile change can be a frightening prospect, it must be embraced in situations where it is necessary. This is a lesson that all businesses (and particularly SMEs) must heed at present, as a volatile and constantly changing Geo-political climate continues to change its toll. This, along with long-term concerns such as Brexit, makes change a troublesome but necessary evil in the modern world.

It is also important to note that change can be positive as well as compulsory, however, and in some instances your business may be forced to evolve in line with growth and prosperity. In this instance, failing to embrace your circumstances and execute the necessary changes can be extremely detrimental to your business, as it may subsequently miss out on numerous market opportunities and loss ground to more proactive competitors.

How to Oversee a Productive and Successful Office Refit in 3, simple steps

One of the first changes that a growing business may need to make is to adapt its premises, whether it relocates or plans and executes a remodelling of the existing space. The latter option can be particularly tricky, especially in terms of budgeting and making the right type of changes.

With this in mind, here are three simple steps that will enable you to oversee a productive and ultimately successful refit:

Understand your reasons for change and Budget Accordingly

Let’s start with the basics; as you cannot possibly hope to complete a successful office refit without first understanding the primary reasons that have inspired change. If growth is the primary motivation, for example, you will need to focus your efforts on optimising space and the productivity of your workforce.

Conversely, if you simply want to improve working conditions for your staff, you should place an emphasis on the quality of internal facilities and airflow that your employees have access to.

This level of understanding and ability to comprehend the short and long-term needs of your business is crucial, as it will inform your decision making and guarantee a successful project It will also enable you to set a suitable budget, and one that has been balanced against any potential gains once the refit is complete.

Reach out to Expert Partners

With some key decisions made, it may be tempting to get to work and being the project in earnest. This is not necessarily wise, however, as it may first be prudent to liaise with industry experts and ensure that your planning and execution processes prove as effective as possible.

After all, it is well-known that there remains an exceptionally strong link between your office layout and workplace productivity, while morale can also be affected by the size, accessibility and colour scheme of an office. In this respect, your refit represents an investment people as much as a commitment to bricks-and-mortar, so there is no harm in communicating with reputable service providers and seeking out some expert insight into your project.

Ask for the Opinion of your Employees

This is arguably the most important point, particularly as your employees are the individuals who will either benefit or suffer as a result of your office refit. Modern workers are also known to be motivated by numerous factors outside of their annual salary, with one of the most important triggers being the need to feel pivotal to their employers’ success.

So, make sure that you involve your staff members when discussing the office refit and generating ideas for its executing, soliciting opinions and immersing them as part of the overall creative process. This will not only empower your employees, but it will also ensure that the finished project is tailored to their specific needs and requests.

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