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An Exercise in Ergonomics – 5 Efficient Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

referfrefA productive workplace is a workplace that’s earning. Even innovative and agile nonprofits get better outcomes for their cause through increased productivity. So it stands to reason that every workplace, from small start ups through to tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple need ways to boost workplace effectiveness. Let’s take a look at our 5 easy, efficient and simple-to-implement ways to increase productivity and drive results.

Hack Your Workstation

While productivity is something that should be encouraged from the tea room through to the water cooler, it’s well worth a solid investment in workstation ergonomics. Something like a dual monitor arm can allow a worker to view two monitors at once, allowing productivity to flourish.

Imagine all the time lost minimising emails to open a browser, then minimising that browser to check on an app, then minimising that to… sounds exhausting doesn’t it?! Imagine being that worker, then imagine having two monitors. Email can be opened and replied to on one screen, while some solid work gets accomplished on the other. Instant productivity boost!

Take Regular Breaks

While it may be tempting to work your fingers to the bone from 9-6, every day, research actually shows that more frequent breaks can have a positive impact on productivity. So your workplace should encourage frequent breaks. As a worker, there’s a few things you can do. You can install micro-break programs that encourage you to take micro-breaks and then longer ones at regular intervals. You can go get a coffee, or even better, a drink of water. And if breaking isn’t an option, at least break up your work. Take a break from one job to begin another, or go touch base with someone from another department and cross-pollinate.

Invest in Workplace Ergonomics

Did you know that inefficient, poor or ill-thought out workstations can actually decrease productivity?

If a workforce is sore, tired, burnt out or uncomfortable then chances are their productivity will sink. Invest in easy to use, sleek office ergonomics; Standing desks, ergonomic keyboards and mouses, dual or triple monitors and other computer tools all allow employees to work smarter, not harder.

Introduce Workplace Yoga or Pilates

Lower back pain has a tendency to lower productivity.Funnily enough, lower back pain is very common in the workplace, and often due to poor ergonomics. Yoga and pilates are proven to increase flexibility, build core strength and stamina; reducing the severity and duration of lower back pain and other chronic conditions in the process. Even a 20-minute class twice a week could see your productivity levels increase exponentially.

Move Around

This is one of the most efficient, and cheapest ways to boost productivity that we can think of!

Introducing movement into the workplace is a surefire way to get people energised, fresh and ready to think, create and earn money for their company. It also links in with the “take regular breaks” hack that we mentioned before. Introduce an afternoon stroll, and make it mandatory. It’s surprising what some fresh air, sunshine and exercise can do for staff engagement and performance.

Summing Up

To conclude, there’s a few ergonomic lesson that every workplace can learn. Investing in dual or triple monitor arms is one, that boosts productivity. Another is to encourage regular breaks and incorporate movement into them. Another is to invest in other workplace ergonomic features like standing desks and modified keyboards and mice. A more novel idea, but still one that’s worth investigating, is the possibility of in-office yoga or pilates! If you introduce all five, get ready to watch your workplace performance levels soar!

If you have any questions, please ask below!