5 Office Accessories to Keep Your Team Members Happy

Running an office and maintaining the happiness of the team members working in it is a tough job. However, there are a few gestures we can do to ensure the people are working in a comfortable environment and stay motivated to carry out their routine tasks.

From office improvement to giving them the permission to make their space a little more personalized, there are many things you can do in an office to make sure your team members join you in the same enthusiasm to work that is built in you. Here is a small list of office worthy items that you need to lighten up the work area for everyone:

  1. Leather Chairs

Leather or gaming chairs are often placed in offices with long hairs. They not only give you ample space to sit and work in comfort, but also allow a number of functionalities. For example, they can be reclined towards the back to let you rest your back or pulled up if you’re sitting on a higher table. They come with many more functions, ensuring zero compromise on comfort and support.

Leather or gaming chairs let you enjoy working without feeling physically stressed. Because of their solid seating and comfortable back structure, you will be able to feel relaxed even during stressful work hours. Click here for details about the different kinds of office chairs available and choose the one that fits your office routine best!

  1. Writing Boards

One of the most fun ways to ensure you’re working in the right direction is brainstorming. Brainstorming not only helps you come up with great ideas, no matter what your nature of business is, but also enable everyone to feel involved and become an important part of the discussion that changes the business.

Your team members will feel involved stay motivated to work hard. Every member will be on the same page regarding achievable goals. Writing boards are an amazing way to keep everyone active in terms of participation and alertness. You can enjoy making pointers, writing deadlines and mentioning brainstorming ideas on the board. The writing boards become a tangible notepad for all the team members to make pointers regarding a certain idea.

  1. Sticky Notes

No matter how advanced we get, writing on sticky notes and sticking them on our cabins never gets old! Assigning each cabin colorful sticky notes makes taking notes an enjoyment. Sticky notes come in different shapes and colors to attract the attention of passersby. They make up for a makeshift color addition to your work cabin without taking a lot of space.

Sticky notes are also easier to carry and remember. Imagine coming into your cabin and noticing the first yellow square paper stuck onto your wall. That’s how brilliant sticky notes are! They can subtly make you remember ideas, work on projects and act as reminders for deadlines. They come in shapes of squares, circles, and even tangible items such as tees, shoes, ties, etc. Get your team vibrant sticky notes so they never have to forget their deadlines again!

  1. Portfolio Folders

Ever see pages scattered around in different cabins, especially in the creative room? This is because people think in a raw manner. They make up ideas, put them on paper, understand that they cannot be executed, and throw the pages everywhere. Instead of letting that happen, it is ideal to give team members their respective portfolio folders.

All ideas can be placed neatly inside portfolio folders in two manners: either by clipping inside or punching holes in them. All the pages can be attached in the portfolio, even the failed ones, just to make sure there is no mess on the floor. Apart from the cleanliness, portfolio folders also help you retain ideas which can be eventually used in the future.

  1. Bean Bags

It is said that creativity has no bounds! But living and breathing in a market to make money, it is important to ensure people are given the comfort to think outside the box but also make those thoughts into money making actions.

Talking about comfort, when staying for extra hours or having a lunch break, the team members are always looking for comfortable places to sit. Why not get them bean bags? Bean bags give them the idea of staying comfortable and enjoy resting away from their relatively stern chairs. They also add color and a natural ease to all working cabins in no time!

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