Top Business Bootcamps for Young Professionals

young-menCurrently, there are a wealth of different bootcamps available to young professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in business. Listed below are five of the most accomplished of these bootcamps, all of which strive to educate and inspire a new generation of insightful and ambitious entrepreneurs.

1. The Inbound Business Bootcamp

Leading software company Hubspot sponsor The Inbound Business Bootcamp; an intensive one day introduction to the world of business for college seniors.Hubspot’sInbound Business Bootcamp offers college students a lucrative opportunity to learn about the machinations of several high-growth technology companies. They offer a series of interactive sessions covering different aspects of business within a technological company.These include;

  • What is inbound marketing?
  • The basics of software as a service (SaaS) business models
  • Introduction to finance & operations
  • Sales 101
  • Careers in Technology: Perspectives from a panel of young professionals at Boston tech start-ups

The Bootcamp is completely free, but students must apply online in order to attend. Hubspot have stated that they are seeking undergraduates who wish to work within the business field of a technology company, and as such applicantsare chosen based on their academic achievements and passion for business.

2. BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp

The internationally renowned BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp has been running for five years, most recently held at University College Dublin (UCD). This four-day innovation and skills camp endeavours to introduce young entrepreneurs, who display an aptitude for entrepreneurship, to the world of business.

Throughout the BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp, students are presented with a series of entrepreneurial tasks. All of these tasks centre around conceptualising and developing an outline business approach in order to commercialise a specific group project. Teams work with a designated BT business mentor who advises them on how to improve and implement their business plans and presentation skills. Students choose to base their business plans on a variety of different scientific projects, including;

  • Renewable production of ethanol bio fuel
  • Addressing the issue of unnoticed road signs
  • Water leak detection system
  • Gumshield communication device for managers and players
  • Peizo electric shoes
  • Lemna minor; is it an effective method of removing persistent inorganic pollutants from aquatic environments?

On the final day of the boot camp, students present these business plans as a team to a judging panel comprised of academics and senior business executives. The winning team earn summer placements at prestigious universitiessuch NUI Galway and University of Limerick. Ultimately, the BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp offers young entrepreneurs an exclusive opportunity to expand their business and team skills, whilst also potentially earning an esteemed academic placement at an esteemed university.

3. Wilson Luna Business Incubator Bootcamp

Hailed as “the most powerful two days of small business training in the world”, the Wilson Luna Business Incubator Bootcamp has attracted over 12,000 start-ups and small businesses from across the globe. At the Business Incubator Bootcamp, young entrepreneurs can learn;

  • How to transform a business, start-up or entrepreneurial idea into a profitable and sustainable business,
  • The key framework for creating a successful business that Wilson Luna uses to consult with some of the most successful CEOs in AsiaPac,
  • A Fortune 500 business system which is designed specifically to eliminate business competition

Fundamentally, the Wilson Luna Business Incubator Bootcamp is an opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneurs to learn how to cultivate and sustain a viable business model. The Bootcamp aims to impart a series of skill setsin order to help budding entrepreneurs efficiently monetise their business ideas, resolve any current or future business issues, and expand their initial concepts into sustainable and fiscally lucrative opportunities.

4. Marketri business development webinar

Marketri’s online business boot camp teaches young entrepreneurs how to excel in business development and launch successful long-term careers. Entrepreneurs with less than five years of business experience can join Marketri’s online seminar network and be educated on a wealth of different entrepreneurial topics.

Marketri host discussions on business topics such as;

  • The Differences Between Business Development and Marketing
  • The 4 Types of Business Development
  • How to Network Like a Rock Star
  • How to Craft an Effective 30 Second Commercial
  • Using LinkedIn for Online Professional Networking
  • How to Create Your Own Peer Group
  • The Art of the Follow Up

All of these topics are taught by Marketri's team of accomplished business professionals, who offer exclusive insights on how to forge and develop lucrative business connections.

5. Molloy High School Business Bootcamp

The Molloy Business Bootcamp is designed specifically to aid high school students who are considering majoring in business in college. Students can participate in interactive seminars with an executive-based faculty of former CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors on Wall Street, and Leaders at major Accounting Firms. The Bootcamp also provides the opportunity to network with young professionals who have already begun to establish their own business careers. There are also several “active learning” opportunities, such as a simulated trading competitionsand student presentations on a wealth of different business topics.

Although there is no charge for the Molloy Business Bootcamp, acceptance is very selective. In order to attend, students must complete the Molloy Business Bootcamp Application form, submit a recommendation from their high school Guidance Counselor, and undergo a personal interview with the Dean of the Molloy Business Program.

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