How to Get Back on Track after a Holiday – For Business Owners and Team Managers

So had a really busy time at work and you have just been crammed out. You’ve been stressed out, you’ve been trying to get reports done, you’ve been trying to get big pieces of work done just before your holiday. You’ve had your holiday test which is the great analogy of getting everything organised while you were off.

You enjoyed yourself, you’ve relaxed, you drunk too much, and you’ve done a lot of things and a thoroughly enjoyable time because you’ve just chilled out.

Next time to get back to work it’s time to get back to business; it’s time to get back on track where you had been before you left. So you’ve come back to work after your holiday, trying to get everything done just like before you run away. It’s the time when you need to refresh, to reset, to focus on things quickly and efficiently, and get back to business.

Think about a computer. What happens to your computer when it starts to get clogged up with too much information all going in at once? The same happens to you before your holiday. What do you have to do? All you have to do is to call your IT guy or simply press the reset button to turn your computer off and then back on. Similarly, you need to make sure you reset yourself with all those amazing things you did through your holiday. When you come back, you need to make sure that you’ve pressed the reset button so you are ready and back up to full stretch.

But, what’s a holiday test? A holiday test it’s when you go away and when you come back you need your team to make sure that while you were away they did all the reports, they completed the tasks, they behaved in a professional manner, and they made you proud to be their boss. You need to get back now and start to guide them and help them out.

Now we are going to dig into three innovative success gold tips to get you back on that track nice and quickly!

1. Review your targets

The first tip is about reviewing your targets. Just when you step back in the office, have a look at your independent performance, review your objectives that you need to deliver as a director or as a team. Just make sure you’ve got them covered off, assess the progress up to before you went away, and look at after you need to do over the next few months. just take a few moments to reset yourself, have a look at those objectives, have a look at what you need to do, make sure your team’s objectives are all lined up nicely and correctly, so you get back and all work together as before.

2. Team welfare

Make sure your team is ok and don’t just assume everybody’s had a brilliant holiday, don’t just assume that everyone’s fit and healthy when they come back. Some might catch some kind of illness while they were away, some of them might not have a good holiday, etc. Just step back from the work position for a little while, listen to your team and make sure you understand how they are personally and check their welfare. Make sure that everything is right and they are fit to start over or if you need to consider making some adjustments before.

3. Frequent meetings

Just for the next few weeks or for the next month increase your meetings. If you normally go for a monthly meeting, just double that. Make sure that people are thoroughly fit to do what they are supposed to be doing.

So these are out three tips. When you come back from holidays, you need to reset yourself, refresh, get your team and you back on track nice and quickly so you can get performing.

If you have any questions, please ask below!