How to deal with failures?

I suppose each of us has experienced the bitter taste of failure in our lives. Whether in love, at work, or at school! Each of us has had moments in our life when something went wrong. These types of situations make us feel that we are worthless and it is difficult to lift our spirits. It is said that every failure makes us stronger. That may be true, but it’s also worth remembering that failure can break us and make us no longer the same people we were before. However, failures will always accompany us, whatever we do. It is an inseparable part of carrying out any activity.

However, at the same time, let us note that not everywhere we are afraid of failure. In general, this fear is greater the less experience we have in a certain field. This is curious because, after all, failures are a natural process of learning and learning new things.

Before learning to walk, it is unfortunate that many times we fall. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to face failures. Therefore, in this article, we have included some tips to deal with this type of situation.

1. Accept your emotions

All people, unless they are mentally disturbed, feel emotions. We feel joy, fun, pride, or love. They are emotions that we are usually more willing to exhibit and fully accept. However, the problem arises with negative emotions. Fear, pain, unhappiness, or jealousy are something we want to avoid at all costs. It is an understandable attitude since these feelings make us feel bad, so why should we accept them. However, this is a very childish thought.

Our problems will not solve themselves just because we decide to turn away from them. On the contrary, the problems that we do not solve personally tend to grow. If we request a loan from a bank that we do not repay on time, we have to expect that the interest will start to bother us more and more, and at some point, we can expect a visit from the sad collector. That’s why it’s always a good idea to deal with any problems we encounter along the way immediately. The same goes for emotions. If we try to suppress fear or sadness in our hearts, at some point these emotions can flare up.

Let’s allow ourselves to be sad from time to time. If we have not achieved something and have failed, the natural reaction will be anger, malice, and resignation. Let’s allow ourselves to feel these emotions. This way we will be able to reflect on the reasons for our failure with a clear heart and mind in order to learn lessons for the future and achieve success next time.

2. Become your best friend

One of the biggest problems for most of us is that we are too critical of ourselves. At all times we try to see our actions as inappropriate. We repeatedly punish ourselves for each failure by telling ourselves over and over again how hopeless we are and how foolish we have turned out to be. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Instead of criticizing and blaming ourselves, we should become our own best friend. Instead of punishing ourselves, let’s try to appreciate even the smallest merit of our decisions.

Let’s remember that the worst scenarios only exist in our heads and usually have nothing to do with reality. We often tend to exaggerate our failures and underestimate our achievements. Let’s try to approach failures as failures on the road to success. In this way, it will be much easier for us to make new attempts. Constant self-criticism will only make us feel worse. Instead, let us constantly try to act with encouragement in our own minds.

3. Remember that everyone suffers from failures

When we fail, we tend to take it too personally. It seems to us that only we make mistakes, while everyone else succeeds on their own. However, the reality is very different. In reality, each of us makes more or less big mistakes. It is simply impossible to avoid them. If we want to develop in some field it is completely normal that sometimes we fail. However, there is no reason for us to feel bad about it. It is a natural process of learning and acquiring new skills.

If we look at successful people, it seems to us that they are people who were born under a lucky star, since they turn everything they touch into gold. However, if we take a look at the biographies of the greatest achievers, millionaires, actors, scientists, and athletes, we will realize that each of these people has spectacular failures to their credit. One of those that, in our opinion, should definitely disrupt the chances of achieving success. According to statistics, every billionaire goes bankrupt at least three times in his life. Scientists suffer thousands of failures before being able to develop a new technology or medicine. Every athlete has experienced the bitterness of failure. Also, every actor has had better or worse roles.

What we need to focus on is that failure does not define whether success awaits us in the end or not. We should not take it personally, as it is something natural. The Japanese say that the difference between a teacher and a student is that the teacher has suffered more failures than the student. With this quote in mind, we can stop worrying excessively about our failures.

4. Realize that action that ends in failure is better than procrastination

It is impossible to fail if we do nothing. Therefore, if we do not want to experience failure in our life, it is enough to refrain from any action. However, this type of behavior is a failure in itself. We are designed to try new things. As a result, we are able to experience new flavors in our lives. Both the positive and the painful.

Unfortunately, most of us waste our precious time on things that do not advance our life in any way. It is convenient to sit down and leave things as they are. However, if we feel that there is something that we would like to improve in our life, we must prepare ourselves for the fact that not everything will work out on the first try and we may experience failure.

However, we must see this type of situation as something positive. After all, failing while trying to do something amazing is much better than fruitlessly procrastinating and wondering why we didn’t have the courage to try something new.

5. Try again to find the passion for action in yourself

Failures have a very demotivating effect on us. While at the beginning of our adventure in a certain field, be it sports, work, or love, we are always accompanied by a great deal of motivation and determination to act. However, over time, the initial enthusiasm begins to wear off. It is increasingly difficult for us to motivate ourselves to work. This is especially the case when we don’t see visible results from our hard work. We begin to perceive the very lack of results as a failure.

In these kinds of situations, we should try to remind ourselves why we really started our efforts. What really motivated us to work hard and spend our spare time doing a certain task. Rediscovering the motive and then the passion will allow us to start over, but this time with an additional baggage of experience thanks to which we will work much more effectively than before.

6. Understand that failure is not the end of the world

Too often too many people get carried away with the moment. At the moment of failure, we think that everything we have achieved so far loses its meaning in the face of the current crisis. We feel anger not only against ourselves but against everyone around us. However, it should be realized that these types of situations are usually temporary and, in most cases, do not significantly affect our lives.

Even if we’re talking here about larger-caliber lapses that result in being fired from a job, lost in love, or even a visit to the penitentiary, it’s never the end of the world. Even those who make huge failures over time can correct their mistakes and try to start over. Let’s remember that as long as we are alive we can always try again.

In conclusion, suffering failures can seem very painful and make us feel bad. In extreme cases, the failures suffered can be transferred to the rest of our lives. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is simply a natural process of learning new areas of our life. Let’s learn to live with failures and take them for granted. This will allow us to freely take risks without feeling afraid.

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