Casting Your Gaze – 5 Tips For Managing a Large Team

teamManaging anything large is never easy, especially when you are just one person.

There are companies out there that can help you with managing almost any large item or piece of machinery, such as Lease Corp heavy equipment financing, but unfortunately there is not really anything like that for managing a large group or team.

If you have been put in charge of taking care of and navigating sizeable team of people, chances are some things could go wrong without the proper management skills. Don’t let this worry you; whilst there may not be a company out there who can help you sort out your group, there is this list with 5 tips that you can use for when you are managing a large team.

Build Relationships

When managing a large team it is important to try to get to know everybody in the group on a personal basis, this will ensure they do not feel like you are ignoring or don’t care about them. Building a positive relationship with your team members will encourage them to help you keep the harmony and work flowing throughout the group.


If you are able to, split the large team into smaller groups and give them each separate pieces of the project or task that they are working on. This will not only ensure that every part of the task is looked after, but it will also save time with each group working on something different and keeping the ball rolling, rather than every person in the group working on the exact same thing.

Group Meetings

With a large group of people there is almost certainly some conflict or issue going to arise.

If you are able to, hold a weekly or fortnightly group meeting where people are able to voice concerns or opinions. If everyone feels like their needs are adequately met, they are more likely to work in a harmonious manner. If the group attitude is positive then they will be more likely to put hard work into the task or project at hand.

Don’t Hover

If there is one important thing in any relationship, whether it is platonic or professional, it is trust. You cannot have any form of relationship without trust. Trusting your workers and teammates with the project or task that they have been given rather than hovering over their shoulder watching their every move will make them want to work harder on it. Stepping back to let people work at their own paces and do things their way will give you an insight as to how they are as a worker which can help you better delegate tasks with them.

Set Goals

Working on anything for a long period of time can become quite boring at times, and boring is not what you want to have when you are dealing with a large group of people. Try to turn the project into a game, set goals and prizes for each day or week, this will keep your team smiling and also working hard, celebrate the winners with a prize but ensure that everyone in the end is getting something out of their work.

If you are placed in charge of a large team, try not to stress.

If you are kind, helpful, and a strong leader, then the group will gladly follow you. Remember to respect everyone and help anybody that needs it, just because you are in charge it does not make you superior. By being in charge you will not only learn more about yourself, but also your co-workers.

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