Select Trusted Fire Door Suppliers

fire-door-holisol-250x250Fire accidents daily kill 54 people in India. Almost 6% of all natural deaths in India are caused by accidental fires. That makes it third-highest after car accidents (53%) and drowning (9%). Fires break out almost instantly and may go unnoticed. Proper fire-alert system does their job perfectly, but in the case of large fires, they made be rendered useless.

A fireproof door from right fire door suppliers may turn out to be effective in saving lives and assets. Fire rated doors are made of steel and delay the outbreak to enable evacuation. Fire door manufacturers ensure high-quality steel in their doors along with auto-closure mechanism and fire-resistant coating. Most doors are capable of holding off fires for up to 90 minutes.

Select the right supplier.

There are many fire door suppliers but how will you know which one to opt for? You can do this by asking the right questions. For that, you need to know more about fire doors.

  • A fire door generally is made with gypsum, steel, timber, vermiculite boards. Aluminium is used as a metallic base. It may also contain some glass portions. So ask your supplier what are their doors made of and know if the fire door manufacturers are providing the right materials.
  • Fire doors come with varying ratings: 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes. The figures state how long the door will hold in the case of a fire. Good suppliers will be most of the varieties.
  • Fire doors are held open by electromagnets or strong friction hinges. These can be synced with your fire alert Check if this facility is provided or not.
  • Just because they are fire doors, it doesn’t mean they are completely air-tight. At the foot, expect one or two-inch gap for air movement. So, do not cancel your supplier if your door comes with gaps.
  • Fire doors are normally installed by a carpenter. Fire rated door suppliers generally provide their own trained carpenters, who will ensure no leak or gaps are left after door installation.

Fireproof doors generally come with a price tag ranging from INR 2,270 per square meter and may go up to INR 3,900. In all, an average-sized fire door will cost you around INR 19,000. Installation charges may be extra.

Have you bought the right door?

After fire door suppliers have supplied and installed your fireproof door, you need to check a few things. It is not just any other door in your house and is meant for your safety.

  • There should not be any holes or cracks present on the door surfaces or on its frame.
  • Glazing and glazing beads are intact and tightly fastened.
  • The door, hinges, and hardware are all secured and aligned and show no sign of damage. If not, ask the fire rated door suppliers for immediate replacement.
  • The self-closing device is operational and closes completely shut from a fully-open position.
  • Latching hardware operates when the door is in a fully-closed

How many lives can be saved in 90 minutes? How many assets can you remove in that time span? Good fire door suppliers provide you doors made of high-quality anti-corrosive materials. Contact the best and minimise losses.


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