An Ultimate Guide – What Is Soft Touch Lamination?

As we all know packaging plays a vital part in placing the products in a tactile manner. The point arises about how a brand adds tactile appeal to the packaging. Without finishing options, how can a box look high-end? Finishing methods matter a lot in adding a good-looking appeal to the packaging. Among various options for the laminations and finishes. Do you know what is soft touch lamination? Soft touch lamination applies a thin layer on the box with strong polyester film. This lamination prevents the box from any scratch, scuffing, and water. We will explore further in this blog in detail how it works and what benefits it gives to businesses. How it makes box packaging durable and appealing. What process does it take to contact the box?

Putting A Spotlight On What Is Soft Touch Lamination

Brands must know about the effects of the finishing techniques. Soft touch lamination leaves a velvety texture at the end of the box packaging. It helps capture the maximum attention of customers by the velvety and suede touch on the packaging. Moreover, This process involves the application of a special film with a soft tactile finish onto the surface of printed items. It helps in creating a luxurious and premium feel. The soft-touch effect is not only pleasing to the touch but also enhances the visual appeal of the printed material. It makes it stand out from traditional glossy or matte finishes.

Let’s Find The Answer To Soft Touch Laminations And Why Brands Choose It

Soft touch finishing has become famous in the past many years. Due to their high-end appeal, brands apply them to the quality product packaging. The tactile appeal adds a sense of sophistication to the box. It helps in leaving a lasting impression on customers. Impressing customers leads to taking many business advantages. Let’s explore the benefits here:

Writable Surface Option

Some Soft Touch Laminations are designed to be writable. This means that specific areas of a printed item, like calendars, planners, or notepads, can be written on with ease using compatible writing instruments. This feature adds practicality to the luxurious feel. It also helps in making it suitable for functional as well as promotional materials.

Tactile Charm On The Packaging

The primary advantage of Soft Touch Lamination is its high-end effect on the box. the luxurious tactile experience it provides on the packaging leads to boost sales. The velvety texture creates a sense of elegance and sophistication. The texture helps in making the printed material more appealing to the touch. Through soft-touch appeal in the box, imprint details look more prominent on the box. It also acts like an enhancer that bulges out design, color, pictorials, typography, and the whole appearance of the packaging.

Enhanced Durability

Finishing-like soft touch lamination acts as a protector that shields the box and product from water, scratches, and inconveniences. The pleasing texture of the box adds a protective layer on the box that increases the durability of the printed material. Additionally, It provides resistance against scratches, fingerprints, and other forms of wear and tear. It helps in ensuring a longer lifespan for the printed items.

High-End Outlook

Customers run after the premium things in the market. They must be aware of what is soft-touch laminate. Nowadays, business cards and brochures also have soft lamination that gives a soft texture to the box. Experiencing from the hand also gives a smoother physical experience to the customers. These kinds of finishes elevate the overall appearance of the box packaging.


Businesses who worry about the finishing options that they should use for their products must try the soft touch option. The most common products like book covers, business cards, and packaging look premium after applying this lamination. Due to the versatility of the soft touch laminate option, it has become famous around the globe. It can apply to various product line packaging.

Helps In Marketing

The unique tactile experience engages the senses of the audience by using soft touch lamination. It helps lead to increased customer interaction with your product and brand. The first thing that creates contact between the brand and the customers is the product packaging. So, it helps in making positive brand perceptions. Also, acts as a branding tool that influences the customers by enhancing your brand creativity. This lamination acts right especially in marketing and promotional materials where creating a memorable impression is crucial.

Customization Opportunities

Certainly, Soft Touch Lamination offers a myriad of benefits beyond those previously mentioned. Let’s delve into another additional advantage that makes this finishing technique a preferred choice in the world of printing and design. Soft touch lamination can also combined with other finishing options. The finishing options like embossing and debossing add more texture and depth to the box. Furthermore, this kind of customization helps in enhancing the visual and tactile appeal of the printed material.


Soft Touch Lamination acts as a game-changer in the world of packaging. Especially in the world of printing and finishing, it offers a unique combination of tactile elegance and visual appeal. Its versatility, durability, and premium appearance have become proof of raising questions like what is soft touch lamination. It has become a popular choice across various industries for a wide range of printed materials. Whether you are designing packaging, business cards, or book covers, Soft Touch Lamination elevates your printed materials to new heights. It helps in leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Moreover, Custom Designs Boxes Apply Soft Touch Lamination that stands out as a key player in enhancing the overall sensory experience of printed materials.

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