A Guide To Choosing Right Diamond Deep Sawing Machine Your Motorway Project


There are many factors that need to be taken into account to choose right diamond deep sawing machine for your motorway project; speed, capacity, features, costs (operating and repair) and performance reliability are important factors to name a few. In this post, we will discuss some most reliable diamond deep sawing machines that can be used for reinforced concrete cutting and asphalt cutting.

Small Diamond Saw – Best Pick

The CC1200 series concrete core cutting saw by diamond products is quite compact in size and can be operated by a single person easily. It is robust and easy to transport. It can be easily lifted by two persons, even on staircases. This small concrete cutting saw offers medium saw performance.

If you are new to diamond deep sawing and mostly handle light to medium performance concrete sawing projects of a limited budget, the CC1211H-18 makes a right choice. The saw has Honda’s gasoline engine which produces 11.7 horsepower, yet it is quite reasonably priced. No other engine in this price range has such power output, features, and dependability. It is indeed a best-value-for-money choice.

Medium Diamond Saw – Best Pick

If you are looking for the best diamond saw with medium to large saw performance, your search ends here. The Core Cut CC2500 series saw by Diamond Products is powerful, fuel efficient and versatile concrete cutting saw available in the mid-range price.
It has a powerful Honda engine and a total weight of 685 pounds. This self-propelled diamond saw comes with a lifting bale, so it can be easily lifted using an overhead crane. It can be single-handedly taken out of a truck or a trailer using a ramp. It is suitable for a host of industrial applications.

Large Diamond Saw – Best Pick

If your road, bridge or motorway repair/construction/demolition project needs large saw performance, the Core Cut CC3500 series diamond saw by Diamond Products is worth considering. The self-propelled, large size concrete cutting saw comes with an extremely powerful and fuel-efficient Kohler Command engine. It is suitable for a wide range of construction and demolition projects. Weighing about 1024 pounds, the concrete saw ensures good mobility.

Extra Large Diamond Saw – Best Pick

The CC6566 series concrete saw by Diamond Products is a choice worth considering if you are looking in the market of x-large concrete saws. It has 42” diamond blade and extremely powerful 66HP Kubota diesel engine that ensure high productivity. It has less rear weight so operators can move it from one place to another with less fatigue.

While it is large in size, it can still pass through 36” doorway. Once purchases, it will help considerably lower operating cost and avoid expensive repairs. The simple design of the saw makes it easy for contractors to perform the quick repair at the job site and avoid downtime. The design of the saw is made such that it can tackle any challenging site condition smoothly. What’s more, it is most easily serviceable concrete cutting saw.


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