The Best and Must-Have Mobile Apps for Stock Trading

Make the most of your mobility by downloading the best apps for stock trading. When you step away from the computer, you will not need to wonder what is going on in the market. The following four apps are ones worthy of your attention.


iswim1 iswim2

This is a free app from thinkorswim that allows you to trade stocks, options, and futures when you are on the go. To help you analyze risk and performance, this app even includes some metrics. Users generally give this app a high rating. One reviewer at said of the app, “Nicely laid out and easy to use.”

iSwim is just for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, so those of you with devices on the Google or Windows operating systems need to look elsewhere for a trading app. There are plenty of options from which you can choose. In fact, if you are a client of a stock broker, that broker probably has its own app. Check it out.



Keep your finger on the pulse of the market with the Bloomberg app. With news from around the world, you can stay abreast of factors that can have an impact on your trading. Customize how you view the news, whether by popularity, industry, or region. You can also read news related to particular stocks. Interactive charts help you keep track of your stock portfolios.

While the advantages of this app abound, be aware that users with large portfolios might find that the extent of the information provided falls short of their needs. Also, the options for sorting the news feed are limited, which means you might have to slow down a bit to find what is most relevant to you.



Welcome to social media for stock traders. StockTwits operates similarly to Twitter. Learn from fellow investors and traders, including amateurs and well-established trading firms. This app can give you new ideas and broaden your perspective. Also, like other stock apps, it allows you to keep an eye on the stocks that interest you most.

Download for Android or iPhone

Users are somewhat divided in their opinions on the usefulness of StockTwits, but its unique approach makes it worth a look for anyone interested in trading.

Stock Guru


If you own an iPad, consider giving Stock Guru a go. It provides an analysis of pretty much any stock you can think of. The analysis is thorough, as it says at, “For each stock you are given a guru rating, valuation rating, financial strength, momentum rating, stock screening, comprehensive financial data, risk score, risk percentile, risk return chart, sharpe ratio, sharpe percentile, risk volatility comparisons, and key stock data.”

The price, $19.99, might give you pause. For those serious about trading, however, the thoroughness and usefulness of this app make it essential.

Innovation in trading continues to move forward. Entities such as Brian Ferdinand Liquid Holdings work to provide integrated technology to help asset managers and financial institutions be efficient and make sound decisions. You too can have tools that empower you to be informed and in charge of your finances.

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