5 Ways to Invest Your Money Wisely and Smartly

Investing your spare cash smartly is a difficult and time-consuming task within itself. A shrewd decision with good research and proper guidance, especially when you are not at all into investments. Investment is not just a way to secure your cash but it also allows you to multiply your money if done in an acute and wise manner. Business world and market around us has developed a lot of ways to invest even the little amounts of money.

You have to smart enough to make that surplus income count. But the problem arises at the selection of that best option out of those so many available to us. Sometimes, or to say most of the times, these too many options creates so much confusion to choose from that you end up calling off the idea of investment and all the extra cash somehow gets spent anyways.

1. Stock Market

The stock market is the most widely chosen path of investment out of all the possibilities available to us. The stock market is not a machine to generate money. Investing in the stock market must begin with a financial goal and it is as easy as to begin with an INR 500. A stock market investment must be done with a person’s financial capability. Investing more than the allowance of capacity will lead you towards risks and often take you to lose. Also, this investment should be done with your own surplus and not with the borrowed money because as much as the profit, the stock market has equal possibilities of loss as well.

2. The franchise of a brand

Investing in a franchise comes with the perks of an already set up business alongside a proper guidance and support. Franchise business investment has successfully strengthened its roots in few yesteryears in a comparison to much non-franchise business. It has shown the tremendous increase in the employment sector against the other businesses. Investment towards a franchise is just a path towards the expansion of the network of a leading brand. You must take a wise decision according to your interests and personality.

3. Money Lending

Another method of investing your extra income is by lending your money through various lending platforms which becomes a medium in between you and the borrower. In this way you yourself become a bank, i.e. you can lend money to people in small amounts and earn a simplified rate of return which extends as much as up to 6%. These platforms are more secure and valuable as the companies make it easy to sign up and begin with. Also, you tend to lend your money to individuals you already know instead of giving it to unknown people.

4. Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency came into existence back in 2009 but it was around 2013 when people actually felt it’s presence in the business world. Crypto telegram signals help the investor to choose from the long list of cryptocurrencies available like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many more. Bitcoin is the first and most popular amongst so many other cryptocurrencies being used today. Investment in them is a good decision only when you have proper knowledge about the value of these currencies which keeps on flattering without any specific time period. Also, the cryptocurrency exchange platform must be secure and legal to do the investments.

5. Real Estate

To do an investment in real estate, foremost you ought to have trust in the person for whom you are investing or who is offering you to invest in his or her assets. You can choose to go with a mutual fund group who would lesser your burden of being a landlord and make you an investor in real estate without any hustle. Real Estate is often seen as an alternative to other investments but it can be an important redeem to others and also be a source of good main income.

Investment of your money must be a calculative and thoughtful move. It should be done with proper research and under true guidance. Getting all the information about a wise investment is not a difficult task, this digital age has made it comparatively easier than ever before to unravel all the layers of ending up to a clever and clear decision.

Wrong or under-researched decisions can cost an individual a lot, you may even end up getting bankrupt. Therefore, wise and secure investment of your surplus income has to be a step towards increasing your business or wealth and not keeping it at stake or taking it to a decline.

Warren Buffett, an investor, business magnate, and philanthropist with a net worth of US$ 84 million says about a long-term investment ~

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

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