Avoid Making These Mistakes When Day Trading in Forex

euro-usd-pound-yenDay trading in the Forex market is fast paced and quite exhilarating, but can also be a dangerous endeavour if you don't learn about the potential pitfalls involved. Forex is a volatile and risky market but huge profits can be made quickly if you learn the ropes. Some new traders check out sites like to learn tips and tricks from the experts while others find mentors on sites like LinkedIn. The key is to learn as much as you can and to be careful not to make the following mistakes.

1) Having Unrealistic Expectations

There are a number of reasons why a Forex day trader could end up having unrealistic expectations but usually those expectations are the result of not avoiding the following mistakes. First of all, don't expect the Forex market to be logical because it is anything but. We have said that it is volatile but that also implies that you never know which direction it is going to move in. You may expect one currency to gain in value and another to lose ground but the opposite could be true. If you expect to always be accurate, you are making a huge mistake and that is one of the most unrealistic expectations you could have.

2) Risking Too Much Investment Capital

One of the reasons why so many day traders have gone to investing through managed Forex funds is because they aren't overly risky with your investment capital. Managed Forex funds like Synergy FX have a long track record of financial growth so they can be trusted to know how to trade for you in the Forex market. However, just as bad as investing too much capital is investing through the wrong managed funds. Make sure that the funds manager you choose has a long history of success and is regulated by the proper authorities in his respective country.

3) Forex Day Trading Based on News

Another huge mistake many Forex day traders make is to jump on the news before knowing how the market will react to it. For example, when a Central Bank announces a rise or reduction in interest rates in a given currency, traders may expect that currency to gain or lose in value. The reality may be that the opposite will transpire which makes trading before knowing how the market will react a huge mistake. Also, it is just as dangerous to pre-position your trade based on what you expect the news to be. There are often ‘leaks' which never come to pass and if you've hedged your position based on what you expect the news to be and the market's reaction to that news, you may lose your shirt.

Taking all of these mistakes into consideration, Forex trading is still exciting and can be extremely lucrative. It just takes learning about mistakes others have made and making a concerted effort not to make those same mistakes yourself. If you have any doubts whatsoever that you can avoid these mistakes, perhaps you should start with a managed Forex fund so that you can watch and learn along the way. You will always make mistakes but the point is, try to minimise those you do make so you still make a profit along the way.

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