FXCM Broker Review

fxcmFXCM or foreign capital market is actually an online foreign exchange market broker which is located in the United States. It is a public company and this company provides services either by using its own online trading platforms or through a third party platform such as Meta Trader 4. Outside the United states, it provides trading on major indices and commodities like gold and natural oil. FXCM broker was one of the early developers of online forex trading. It allows clients to speculate on foreign markets with leverage and it enables direct market access.

Forex can be defined as the market where all the currencies in the world can be traded, it is the largest liquid market in the world and there is no central exchange. The forex trading helps the clients to buy and sell currencies and you can do it from anywhere and anytime. Yes, the forex market is available to you always and it gains you access to margin trading and exposure to the international markets. FXCM forex broker is an international foreign exchange dealer and it allows the user multiple trading platforms, forex training and trade analysis and enables smooth trading.


Before you start a forex account with FXCM or any other company for that matter, learn about the different aspects of online forex trading, learn about the different account types, commission structure, customer support and analyse tools and explore and find all the details necessary which will help you to become a successful forex trader. There are a number of benefits a trader could enjoy through forex trading and they are as follows

  • Trading can be accomplished at low costs, since there is no commission involved during forex trading. Most of the forex brokers make profits from the spread of foreign currencies and the trader doesn’t have to worry about including separate brokerage charges.
  • Trading can be done at your convenience, the trading markets run all day which enables traders to sell or buy currencies whenever they want. Forex trading offers flexibility to the traders.
  • Forex Market consists of the largest number of market participants which enable the highest level of liquidity to the traders. Large currency trades are completed effectively and easily without any large deviations from the actual price. The chances for price manipulation and price anomalies are eliminated and thus forex trading enables efficient pricing.
  • There is no limit up or limit down which controls the trading process, in other markets there are certain constraints which limit the number and type of transactions which is caused due to the fall or rise in value of a particular currency but in forex system, the trading process will flourish without any break.
  • There is no central exchange or regulator operating on the forex market which guarantees that there will not be any sudden surprises which may affect the trading system.

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