Why Pursue a Career in Social Work?

For many, social work may not seem like a particularly challenging career to pursue. While many volunteer for a lot of social causes on a regular basis, careers in social work weren’t really seen as options until very recently. Today, however, there are more career choices and ways to get to the position you want in the field.

Universities such as Case Western Reserve University now have courses designed to help students acquire a master’s degree in social work. MSW jobs are also more widely available, and you can train for anything from a position as the diversity and inclusion manager of a company to public policy advocate among others. There are also military jobs and careers to pursue. With a master’s degree in social work, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to start a career in this field.


Find out more about careers in social work from the Innovative Careers in Social Work infographic by http://onlinesocialwork.case.edu/.

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