When do You Need a Professional Coach to Help You through Your Career Transition?

midlife-career-changeWe all have felt unsatisfied at some of our careers at certain points in our lives. We might feel that we would like to transition to another job in which we can feel more fulfilled and satisfied. At other times, we might want to start up our own business. In addition to this, we might feel that it is a risky move to either transition to another job or else quit our current job. In such shaky situations, it is often a good idea to consult a career coach. Continue reading below to figure out when you might want to think of hiring a career coach.

When you have mixed feelings about your job

Most of the time, we stay in the same job for the security as well as the income. We might have doubts about being able to find a better job, or a more fulfilling job that will still meet our income requirements. We might enjoy the comfort zone of the current job. We all have felt that at some point in our careers. Some of us feel it forever… However, it helps to think of the future in such cases, will this job really make me happy in the long-run if it’s already making me miserable? And if not, can I continue performing this job for the rest of my life? Will I keep shifting from job to job in the same industry just to feel a small percentage of satisfaction or excitement? Such questions merit sage career counseling.

When you want to make a career transition but are too afraid to take the first step

Sometimes, you just know that a certain industry or job is NOT for you! We feel this when we are making good money, and might even be good at our jobs, but simply feel miserable. It’s not easy to know where you fit in at the early stages of your career and sometimes even late into your career. I felt this after working for more than around 5 years in various sales positions. I would change my jobs for better offers or higher positions, but I would basically be performing the same tasks. After a while, I could not take it anymore. I knew I would not succeed at any job in a sales position because I knew that I was an introvert and had a limit to how much social interactions I would be able to endure in each one day.

After a long struggle in trying to find a job in a different role but not getting any good offers because of my lack of experience in non-sales roles, I decided to accept lower offers and start from the bottom at other marketing positions. I also decided to do this while being a freelancer, which was also more convenient for me. Had I consulted a professional coach, the decision making process might have happened quicker though!

Although it is not the career coach’s job to solve all of your problems, he or she usually will give you the right guidance to pursue your career dream or else some help in figuring what to do when you feel stuck in your career. So when exactly is it a good idea to hire a career coach?

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