Tips on How to Dress for an Interview

Shot of a group of businesspeople interviewing a candidate in an office

Have you been applying for jobs, and now you finally got the interview, but don’t know what to wear? This can be nerve-wracking because what you wear is the first impression your new employer will have of you. We are going to go over all you need to know about what to wear to land your next job!

Match the Outfit to the Workplace

It’s important to dress appropriately for the job that you want. If you are applying for a management position at an office job, your attire will be very different than if you are applying to be a construction worker.

It would be weird if you were looking to get hired as a project manager for a landscaping company and you came to the interview in a white bow tie. Also, if you wanted a job as an accountant and showed up to the meeting in sweatpants, it would be hard for the interviewer to see you at the company.

Look online on their website to see if they have a dress code policy there. If not, look at their social media accounts to get a feel of what people wear to work or work events. It is always a good idea to dress up rather than dress down for an interview.

Dressing up will show your future employer you are serious about the job and will represent the company well.

Good Hygiene

No matter what job you are applying for, having good personal hygiene is a must. Make sure your hair is groomed. For females, make sure your hair is tamed and is not put in a way that could be distracting. For men, have a well-groomed look to your hair and facial hair.

Always check to see if you have food or something in your teeth before entering the interview. It is also a good idea to have fresh breath because there is a lot of talking during interviews.

Almost all initial meetings will start and end with a handshake. For females, going to get a manicure is a smart thing to do before an interview, even if you just get clear polish. Also, for males, it is a good idea to check to see that your hands are clean, and you don’t have dirt under your fingernails.

You should check your clothes for stains, holes, or pet hair. As much as what you wear is essential, how clean the clothes also play a role. Wash and iron the clothes you want to wear the day before.

Also, don’t load up on cologne or perfume right before the meeting. It can be distracting or very overwhelming for the interviewer. Go with a subtle fresh scent for the interview. Put all of these things together, and you will look like a perfect candidate for any job!

Get Comfortable in the Outfit

Being groomed and well dressed is just the start for dressing for the interview. It would help if you also were confident and comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Confidence when interviewing for a job might be the most important thing.

Don’t wear the new heels you bought yesterday that will make your feet hurt, opt for flats or a low wedge sandals. Also, don’t wear a suit jacket that is too big or small, because you may not be comfortable while interviewing.

You should wear a well fitted, comfortable shoes and clothes. Having tailored garments will make you look confident and serious about working at the company.

Walk around in the outfit the day before so that you can get used to wearing it. Also, sit down with the outfit, so you will know if there are any weird folds or the shirt fits differently when seated. Another good idea is to walk up and down the stairs with the attire to check the shoes are appropriate, and nothing is too tight anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Whatever job you are applying for, make sure you put your best foot forward at the interview. Your work ethic and resume are essential factors in the application process; however, employers need people that also look the part.

Remember, dress appropriately for the job you want, have good hygiene, and be confident! If you display all three of these along with a strong resume, then any employer will think you are a strong candidate for the position!

If you have any questions, please ask below!