Three Ways to Measure Employee Satisfaction

employee-monitoringMaking sure that your workforce is engaged is crucial to the success of a business. With a huge number of studies showing that there is no doubt that employees who are engaged, satisfied and motivated at work will produce much better results than those who feel the opposite way, ensuring that their employees are satisfied at work has become a top priority for many managers. However, discovering exactly how their employees feel at work can be tricky for many managers and team leaders, which is why we’ve put together some top tips to help you measure the engagement and satisfaction levels in your workforce.


Employee surveys are one of the simplest and most effective ways in which to find out exactly how satisfied your employees feel at work. When you give your employees a survey, which they will be able to answer anonymously, it gives them a secure way in which to voice their honest opinions without worrying about any possible repercussions. Employee satisfaction surveys should be conducted in your workplace regularly in order to stay up to date with measuring levels of employee satisfaction and engagement within your company. Surveys are also an ideal way of reaching all of your employees at once, as it is easy to set up a survey online and email the link to your employees so that they can take it. Along with asking questions regarding how your employees feel at work, surveys are also useful for asking for employee suggestions for change and improvement.

Good Communication

When it comes to finding out how engaged and satisfied your employees really are at work, good communication is essential. In order to be able to successfully voice their opinions in the workplace, employees need to feel that they are being listened to and that their superiors are approachable. Encouraging employees to speak up and voice any concerns that they have creates a workplace where employee satisfaction is openly talked about, with room for improvements and suggestions. This will enable employees to feel that they can go to a manager straight away with any issues that they have, meaning you’ll be able to discover the reasons for dissatisfaction and make changes as early as possible.

Productivity and Results

Another good way to get an idea of how satisfied your employees are at work is to carefully monitor their results and productivity. Often, employees tend to produce deteriorating results as they begin to feel less and less satisfied at work. Because of this, seeing an employee’s performance suffer a significant drop over time could well be indicative of their declining satisfaction and engagement at work. Speaking to employees about their performance and asking them if there is anything which could be made better in order to improve their performance is a good way to gauge how satisfied they are with their work.

Discovering exactly how well your employees are engaged in the workplace is crucial to the success of a business. Once you’ve worked out how satisfied and engaged your workers are, you can work out what needs to be done to improve this.

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