The Remote Working Onboarding List for New Employees

The year 2020 has caused a stir in the physical world, saw the globe opting for the secluded option. Hence, the digital world evolved largely given the work from the home mode. This has become the new normal as employees have shown willingness towards it.

However, this has created a new hurdle for the employers as to recruitment of staff with revised policies. This is because, with the evolution in technology, malicious app developers and organizations are on the lookout for easily accessible data. The scams of data theft have increased.

Hence to keep the confidential data of workplaces secure, some security steps must be covered beforehand to ensure a safe and smooth telecommuting. Here are some tips for business owners to onboard the remote working staff:

Provide them with suitable cybersecurity measures

When you browse through any site, your online privacy stays vulnerable. Your private data hold your integrity. With telecommuting, your devices become the source of all the company’s private data. This can result in the cause of leakage of the company’s data files. To avoid this, encrypt your data corridor by a proper VPN download. This can ensure your data security from the prying eyes of malicious organizations. The viruses by hackers look for one loophole in the device or network’s security. Hence, proper system security must be developed.

Ask them to keep strong passwords

Passwords are the keys to your data. Using the same passcodes for multiple accounts is the most common error committed by employees. This could easily give access to all your details. This can be a threat to the company’s future policies as well. To avoid this, one of the easiest ways is creating unique passcodes. Further, not using a password once used for ID is necessary. To avoid committing the mistake, you can try installing a trusted password app to keep a track of your passwords.

Make sure they keep their software updated

The majority of cybercrimes occur through older versions of applications. This scenario is usually seen when you do not understand the importance of updates which are patches to some loophole. Loopholes can attract viruses, Trojan easily break through your system and gain data for rival companies. This can cause huge losses and put the company’s reputation at stake, so making aware of software updates is a must. Updating your applications covers up all the patches where earlier versions lagged. This is a major aspect of secured work from home. So Stay Updated!

Make them aware of click baits

Ever received spam emails? And the pop-up notifications every time you enter a site? They are all tools for phishing. When you click on them, it creates a path to your device breaking through all security and gaining access to all your files. Thus, putting everything you have on the device at stake. To avoid this, you can have an alternate disposable mail id for surfing purposes. Besides, a spam email identifying app might be beneficial, if your company could provide it.

Ask them to stay vary off Scam calls

In today’s era, not just emails and text messages, you can be breached even through calls. The calls asking for your n the excuse of the survey for a particular topic is the common excuse. They can be used to access your bank accounts, online browsing, company-related details such as plans and strategies and so much more. You must always attend such calls only if Authorize such campaigns thoroughly before you decide. After all, online security is a collaborative responsibility; educate them about the same.


The new normal will not be easily reversed as it was earlier. Growing demands for telecommuting due to its evident benefits have attracted the corporate sector significantly. Although outcomes show better productivity security breaches have started popping and so, a proper onboarding, withfree onboarding software, of employees after online hygiene practices is an utmost necessity.

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