The Flourishing Career Prospect in Information Technology

In recent years, the growth rate of various industries is higher, as compared to past decades and this rate is growing day by day. In terms of introduction and development of new career prospects, one industrial sector prominently stands out than the rest, and it is in the IT sector.

Automation enabled by technology is seeping deep down in every sector of the industries. The unparalleled efficiency of the machines is providing a lucrative opportunity to various companies, to increase their performance and quality standards. For this, the companies are eyeing layoffs of the workforce to reduce their cost to profit ratio. It has led to the issue of career survival, which is turning a big concern for any nation across the world.

Modern researches have proved that most of the future career prospects will relate to developing and managing automation. Hence it is the need of the hour to hone the IT industrial skills, to keep the ship of your career sailing in the near future. Learning new skills has never been easy before. With many online and the offline resources being made available, you can opt for learning courses in a more streamlined and customized way.

One of the most lucrative ways of learning, in modern times is through online contents which run on basis free, premium or moderate charges. The selection of the desired IT learning course is tough if you are new to IT because most of them are interlinked. In this situation understanding the skill requirement is a must. Let’s discuss the various IT skills in brief and its strength in developing your future career prospects.

IT skills in demand:

  1. Cloud Computing – With increasing portability of technology gadgets, storage is always a big concern, cloud computing is solving this problem by allowing users to store data in virtual drives. Smart gadgets which are the hot trend right now are also dependent on cloud computing techniques for connectivity and effective functioning. Such advancements are going to grow bigger with each day. Hence Cloud computing is a much-required IT skill to hone.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – As discussed above the demand automation in various industrial sectors is growing at a rapid pace. The heart of the automation works on the principle of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, its prime time to develop skills in fields of Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Data Analysis – As the world is getting more digitized; users are generating data at a staggering rate. Generation of data is at present is at the rate of 5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Studying and managing the data is much required as it will help in improving the digital connectivity by distinguishing and storing user data from the vast web space. Data analysis deals with study and management of these virtual data getting generated across the world, in various internet enabled platforms.
  4. Mobile Application Development – The software that enables the proper functioning of a mobile device, need to meet high standards than ever before. With the development of gadgets with advanced hardware, it is of prime importance to develop software that can exploit the robustness of such advanced hardware systems. This is made possible by Mobile Application Development, which deals in the study and building techniques for mobile applications.
  5. Natural Language Processing – Running with recent trends, the AI enabled devices allows voice recognition of the user and allows the user to exploit this facility for ordinary to advanced computing operations. Natural Language Processing is the study and development of such techniques which can be covert the ordinary human language to computation instructions or commands, thus making gadgets smarter and robust for usage.
  6. Cybersecurity – As more and more sectors are linking themselves to the web space to increase the flexibility and efficiency of their systems, generation of sensible and valuable data is high and this data stored in the web space for quick and efficient access. But they are vulnerable to misuse by cybercriminals, as such data related to individuals or organizations fetch a very high price in Dark web. Cybersecurity deals in the study and developing techniques to increase the safety of such data and maintain the web space free of unethical practices.
  7. Business Analytics – In recent days and coming future, technology will have a big hand in determining the quality and standard of a business irrespective of its scale. It is universally known that current data, always exhibit pattern generating future data. Business Analytics deals in the methodological analysis of data and study of data to understand its pattern and predict upcoming data, on which business performance will be heavily dependent.
  8. Digital Marketing – With a growing user base in web space, it is a fact that users invest a considerable amount of time either interacting in social media or performing important tasks. Studies show that the greatest increase has been among the young generation, with online presence almost tripling from ten hours and twenty-four minutes every week in 2005 to twenty-seven hours and thirty-six minutes in 2014. An average adult spends more than twenty hours a week online, which includes time spent in productive work. It provides a large base to convert these users into potential customers for productive business, and it requires marketing strategies to attract such potential. Thus, Digital marketing deals with the study and developing techniques to advertise products, to the users in web space, efficiently.
  9. Software Testing – Survey shows that around 80% of technical systems run on dedicated software. To manage and handle robust systems, preventing and reducing error occurrence, requires versatile testing. Software testing deals in exercising such skills which can develop and formulate techniques to test software, making it more robust and efficient in various workloads.

Hence, it can be easily seen that if you are new to the IT sector, its prime time to engage in active learning of such skills which can reinforce your career in future, or if you are an experienced IT professional, you need to upgrade your skills, to survive and climb higher in your professional ladder. Survival in your profession is a must, and IT skills are the highways that lead to it.

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