Tests are Effective for Scrutinizing the Candidates

Many applications and platforms are playing a great role in businesses. There are many tasks, endeavors, and actions in professional arena that are done with ease with applications. But what is the point if you employ a candidate that has good knowledge, nice degrees, and promising skills but he lacks proficiency at the application? Come on, you are not there to train your candidates for their job; you are there to hire the best candidates who have skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Ensure skills

Whenever there is a recruitment procedure in your business, make sure that proper actions are being taken. There is no need to sit and wish for the best candidates; you have to put efforts to get the best options for your staff. Whoever you pick for the job, make sure that he or she has skills, knowledge, and understanding.

The first thing you have to check is that the candidate knows much about your business. What you do, how long you have been in the industry and what your vision is. If he has that understanding, he would cross one level. Then his knowledge and qualification would reflect through his resume/CV. That is also sorted out. Then interview would give you an insight into his psyche. You would know how he might react in a specific situation. Skills are important and so is knowledge and thinking process.

Next one important thing is to find out whether the candidate knows about the different applications that are used in this present professional arena or not. There are tests like Microsoft excel test that can help you access this area. You would know about the capabilities of the candidate through these tests. You would know how much he or she knows about the application and whether they would be able to use them or not. These are the things that have to be considered at the outset. There is no point of regretting later on. Once you have hired the candidate, you cannot complain about this thing because it was you who appointed the candidate.

Usually, recruiters look at the overall pictures and miss these small important points. In day today working, an executive is certainly going to encounter excel application. If he isn’t much acquainted with this application, he won’t be able to do his work in a good way. He might have to face hassles on the way. And this is something that would affect the speed too. His working speed would also slow down to utmost. Of course, an expert Excel user would do the tasks in a much faster way than the one who is just a neophyte. So, appointing for a role is not just about the role itself; but it is about the small associated areas too.

Thus, you can make your recruitment procedure productive and effective with pre-employment or skills tests. This test would do the needed screening for your candidates. Tests always turn out to be helpful in assessing the skills of the candidates.

Understanding the Excel Test:

The purpose of Microsoft excel test is to let the hiring managers know if they can rely on the candidates excel knowledge for maintain the track record or not. The test also helps the recruiter to evaluate and assess the candidate skill with regards to the Excel. With this type of assessment, the recruiter can actually understand if the candidate can use the most common functions, shortcuts, charts, formulas and even pivot tables to name a few. The focus of such test is to include variables of the questions as per the difficulty level, which can actually help you identify the candidate who holds expertise knowledge in this field.

Benefits of suing the professional test:

Of course, the subject matter expert can help you get the most advanced solution about this test. But other than this, there are some benefits that you as a hiring manager can avail such as:

  • You get to know if the candidate can come up with the best platform using excel to analysis the data
  • The time and money to train the candidate gets saved
  • It becomes convenient for you to save time on transforming the raw data in the power pivots and Pivot Tables
  • With the help of charts and graphs, the data can be well represented
  • With the advanced functions, the spreadsheets can be automated

Know the role of Excel in today’s time:

Excel is considered to be of a high importance for the business in today’s time. The data holds the most crucial insights If they are well organized and analyzed. It also helps them to track the trends in the right manner. It requires the most expertise solution in the software and also gives the mindset that would be application oriented. With this type of test, you can understand the candidate’s proficiency level with the help of Excel for statistical analysis

Key profiles to hire through this test:

If you have already set a high standard and expect every candidate you hire irrespective of the job profile to be excel in excel then there is no specific category for you to consider. But if you want to keep it profile oriented then you need to use the test for the profiles such as:

  • Personal secretaries
  • Executive secretaries
  • Operations Executives
  • Excel for statistical analysis
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • Office Managers
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Entry Level Graduates

With such test, you can at least determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the job which requires a good knowledge in the Excel or not.

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