Steer in the Right Direction to Ensure Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the WorkplaceWorkplace hazards are a part of almost every workplace that occur in an uneven intensity depending on the sector. For instance, the hazards are most common in a factory as the work involves using heavy machinery and equipment. To look after the safety in a workplace, safety officers are employed. The safety officer job requires a clear understanding of the knowledge of the safety rules, laws and policies that dominate the workplace. He needs to be adept in the performing his duties. In this context, we will look into the detailed qualifications, and duties that will help you to gain some insights as to what approach you will take to become a safety officer.

Safety officers also known as safety specialists incorporate rules and regulations to maintain a safe workplace and also administer the safety standards of the organization. They evaluate the work environment to discard all the biological, chemical and physical hazards. They spot issues pertaining to malfunction and improper design of an office furniture or equipment to avoid the occurrence of accidents in the workplace. Their prime focus is to reduce health-related dangers and boost the safety of the employees. They assimilate and gather data from the gases, dirt particles, equipment and other substances present in the workplace environment and analyze them to make the atmosphere free of mishaps. They meet with the concerned authorities, medical experts and officials to discuss plans of improving the health of the organization and make it fit for working. They conduct various training programs to spread awareness and safety education in the workplace. They are authorized to stall work, shut rooms, and stop machinery or the entire organization if they found anything detrimental to the safety of the employees and workers.

So what qualifications will set your career in motion?

You would need to graduate in subjects like safety, engineering, chemistry, occupational health or biology as it is the basic qualification needed to apply for the safety officer job. Some recruiters also look for a Post graduate degree in the mentioned subjects. On the job training is provided to the newly recruited safety officers for specific skill sets. For instance, individuals employed in factories needs an understanding of the substance and harmful materials if any used in the production of the goods. Certification is offered by many institutes. Particular skills and knowledge in the field along with good work experience is needed to shine in this field.

Responsibilities of a Safety Officer

Let us now look into the responsibilities of a safety officer in details:

1. Examining the workplace: Inspecting every nook and corner are the primary duty of a safety specialist. This is the best way to clear out the workplace and save it from any danger. During his supervision, he looks through various worn out and damaged equipment, floor work, steps, proper functioning of the emergency alarm. The expert also checks the worker to make sure that they are wearing the perfect safety gears. Particularly, in the construction sector, safety officers supervise the temporary construction works and monitor the operation so that employees can work in a safe environment.
2. Investigate accidents or calamities: During the event of a mishap, a safety officer is responsible for analysing the cause of the accident. From scrutinizing the area where the accident took place to the writing a detailed report and ensuring proper medical facilities, all rests with the officer. He also needs to establish a safe haven for the employees so that the same unfortunate event is not repeated.
3. Providing safety training to the employees: A safety officer also enlightens the employees and workers of the various hazards that take place in a workplace and the necessary measures they need to take. He should also share the knowledge of various compensations that a worker or employee is entitled to once they meet with any mishap.
4. Maintaining safety standards: A safety officer is equally responsible for abiding by the safety norms and compliances enforced by the concerned authority. Maintaining the law and order with regards to the health and safety of the workers is integral to his duties.

Thus, a safety officer looks after the well-being of the organization by reducing the probability of life risk and eliminating the elements that are potential threats to an undisturbed work environment.

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