International Au Pair Jobs

au pair teaching childDo you want to travel to Europe or other areas of the world? Are you looking for a way to experience the world on a budget and immerse yourself in another culture? As an au pair, you have the opportunity to travel at no cost and earn money caring for a family's children in the country you are visiting.

How Au Pair Programs Work

An au pair is an individual who travels to a foreign country for an extended period of time and gets a private room, meals and a monetary stipend in exchange for looking after a family's children. The au pair may tutor the child in English and do some light housekeeping. You can find information about international au pair jobs at Geo Visions.

Who Works as Au Pairs?

While many young women choose this experience before or after college, all au pairs don't fit that profile. There are graduate students, teachers, and older people interested in spending some time working and living with a family in another country. The experience is an adventure that enables you to live in another country, fully experience the culture, and see the world without spending a fortune to travel.

Plenty of Time to Explore

In most situations, the au pair works for about 25 or 30 hours per week, looking after the children and tutoring them. This leaves plenty of time for sightseeing and exploration. When you aren't working, you can make friends, take a language class, visit tourist attractions, eat in local restaurants, and gain a new perspective on life.

Learning a New Language

In addition to teaching the family's children how to speak English, you will learn their native language. Between interactions with the family and meeting people in the local community, you will gain language skills and cultural awareness that is meaningful and life changing. These skills may lead to other opportunities teaching abroad and career advancement once you return home.

How to Find the Right Opportunity

You will need to decide on a destination before you start looking for jobs. When looking for au pair or teaching English abroad jobs, the entire process is easier when you work with an experienced and reputable company offering programs for au pairs and teaching abroad. The best companies have established programs, networks for support, and provide guidance for everything from travel planning to support while you are in your host country.

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