How to Turn Your Teaching Career

fwefwfwwHow unforgettable is the day you get to wear your graduation gown? How thrilled are you to walk across the stage and receive your hard-earned diploma? How about the moment when you move your graduation cap’s tassels to the left and that wide smile you got when you throw your graduation cap in the air saying you finally did it? That’s probably the best day of your life.

However, the best days do stay for a short while and then you are bombarded with major life decision making. From being a dependent son or daughter, you become an independent men or women who now enter the cruel world. Where can you find work? Where will you live? What job should make you feel satisfied and fulfilling? There are so many careers out there, waving opportunities at you, and you just need to follow what is it that you love.

Now, if you want to become a teacher and share your hard-earned knowledge like your mentors did, then you can look forward to a beautiful feeling and satisfaction in enriching the lives of your students. However, let me tell you this, getting and staying in this career is not that simple. You simply cannot apply for any position that strikes you interesting and lie on your bed all day waiting for a call from the school’s administrator now, can you? Or sit comfortably and relaxed in your chair just because you got a position in a school. The path to a stable and fulfilling career as a teacher is bumpy and rocky. You will need to meet specific requirements and certifications as well as the will to compete with others for a position.

Here are some tips that can help jump-start your career as a teacher:

  1. Do Your Research

Simply being employed as a teacher won’t do. You need to know and choose what kind of teacher you dreamed to be. The possibilities are countless. You can decide if you want to be a teacher for elementary or secondary students. If you are really not that patient with kids, then young teens to adults at the college level can be your pick. You ask yourself what undergraduate degree could match your knowledge and skills (Technology, English, Science, Math, Social studies, etc). By knowing your skills you can prevent spending more money for taking an additional degree.

If you know someone who is a teacher, you can ask them. Or better yet, ask your former mentors and find out about their school responsibilities. You might also need to consider where the most opportunities are. For instance, teachers of special education are more sought than teachers of social studies. There are cities that look for teachers that knowledgeable in every content area than other. You can check the internet to find what places are in high demand for teachers and what field.

  1. Recognize Certification Requirements

Now, if you have already decided on where and what you want to teach, then you need to check for particular requirements and certifications that may be required for applying teachers in that certain place. There are different course tests and certificate requirements like for each state and country. Certifications like Cert III in Education Support, a Teacher’s aide course that help prepare you in assisting classroom teachers and gives extra support for the development of the students, can leave an impression to school administrators and increases your chances of getting hired.

There are a lot of helpful sites on the internet like Teacher Certification Map that canprovide you with exact information on the different certification requirement on different states and even includes links to every state’s education department’s website where you will have access to more accurate details.

  1. Check for Master’s Programs

If you currently do not have any certificate to show, there are various master’s degrees and programs that you can enroll in order to achieve a degree and a certification, simultaneously. Taking the path to a master’s degree can be challenging and hard, yes, however, opportunities will multiply if you did finish it. You will become more desirable and highly sought by different schools that can offer you higher than what you are making right now.

  1. Looking for a job

Each state government has their own several organizations with the goal of helping new graduates find a preferred teaching position. Moreover, the internet can be of great help. There are various websites that can help you find the school you are interested in. Or you can check for employment sites and local want ads. Furthermore, there are a lot of schools that list their position openings through their website and can be contacted for more details.


No job in the world is easy. And that includes teaching. There are times when you might just want to give up or you might be feeling unsatisfied with where you currently are. However, through hardwork, patience and putting a little love for what you do then you can make any job worthwhile and fulfilling.

If you have any questions, please ask below!