How to Get Hired After Graduation

graduatesFirst of all everyone should keep in mind that we are living in the 21st century, where the competition is doubled to tripled from the time period of our parents means 19th and 20th century. As the world is getting advance, people are getting more educated and in most places in the world there are lower job postings than graduates. Every graduate has a dream to work or even do internship in well renowned companies in the world but how they can get there? This question has many answers but the simplest one is that whenever you apply for a job right after graduation, 50% is your luck and 50% is all on your education profile.

Here one thing you should be knowing that people can get their first job easily right after graduation in small industries or even part time job but that's should be only for experience. One can't rely on part time/small job till his life/end, so he should try to get himself as good as he can to beat the other candidates and get the job. I have compiled some great tips from different places which are well researched by professionals in the field of Human Resources. The most important tip is definitely planning, most of the people start choosing their career paths after getting into a University. Although it can be happen but this thing can bring adverse effect on your future career right after graduation.


Interview is the most important thing for both employer and contractor; most of the people with even first class education profile are unable to pass the interview. Ever wonder why? Because of some mistakes in the interview people lose their jobs. First of all you should keep in mind that you and employer both knows that you are a fresh graduate with zero experience in that field you are applying, so the employer will only ask you some theoretical questions related to your field and some common personal questions. According to the survey mostly people are able to answer theoretical questions related to their field but they stuck on personal questions e.g. Employer may ask you questions like these:

  1. Why have you applied for this job?
  2. What maximum can you contribute to our company?
  3. Why you choose this company as your first career?
  4. If you will be hired, will you leave the company in next 5 years?

So these are the example questions from where the employers get enough knowledge about person giving the interview and can easily judge him from his body language. So to give the answers of the questions like these, you have to prepare your inner and should have a main objective in your mind about your career and as much you will speak truth to the employer there are more chances to be hired!


Language is the second most important thing in whole process of job seeking. Whenever you go for interview or meeting someone who is responsible for hiring, one of the things they see is your language skills with other documents e.g. the business companies would love to hire you if you can speak different languages because it will help to deal international clients easily. For a great career right after graduation, you should focus on improving your language skills of that language which is used in the country/countries you are planning to do a job.

Great Profile:

It was 19th and 20th century when employers were only in need of average-good education profiles, now the time has changed. Today's the world's top employers demand excellent/well maintained education profile and Excellency in extra circular activities along with profile. So if you want to get a job right after your graduation, at least try to maintain a good academic record throughout your semesters at university.

So try to learn and follow the tips above and leave the remaining work to luck!

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