How Much are the Phlebotomy Technicians' Salaried for their Job?

FVI bannerSeveral research shows that there is a growing demand for phlebotomy technician in the healthcare field. However, if you consider a career as a phlebotomist, then getting a certification is mandatory. As the healthcare industry continues to expand, the employment opportunity within this field are poised for growth. The phlebotomy technician job outlook appears extremely promising and their demand for them will likely to continue to exceed the number of qualified professionals, resulting in good opportunities for those with relevant training and credentials.

Phlebotomy technician program combines classroom and laboratory based courses that covers

  • HIV/AIDS core training
  • Clinical techniques
  • Basic equipment operation
  • Introduction to allied health
  • Anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system
  • Aseptic concepts and infection control
  • Employment skills and externship opportunities.

The importance of Phlebotomy technician

Phlebotomy technician play a significant role in the healthcare field. They perform blood tests, analyze the blood samples, draw the blood for donation purpose, detect the samples for abnormalities or diagnose diseases. They also examine all types of human body fluids, assess the blood cells to detect and treat different disorders. Phlebotomy technicians are also responsible for interpreting clinical impression based on sample finding, advice the patients and assist physicians by producing medical reports.

These responsibilities shows the importance of Phlebotomy technician in the medical field. Phlebotomy is primarily the starting point for future nurses, Registered nurses or certified nursing assistance.

The salary statistics of phlebotomy technician

The Phlebotomy salary levels can differ based on various factors - location, certification, kind of facilities and level of practical experience play a big role in identifying one's earning. However, certified Phlebotomy technician can mean several dollar more per hour. The earning range may go on to improve because of the demand of this profession. Because of the requirement constantly in place, many organization are prepared to spend a high price for professional candidates. The more responsibilities you have, the better you'll get paid. A Phlebotomist can generate at least $40,000 and sometimes this number can also climb up to more than $45,000 especially for main urban centers. For technicians who have just started their career in this field can expect an hourly salary of $12-$15. However, the range is also determined by location as well as kind of service picked. Even though the starting salary is lower than any other jobs, Phlebotomy is a great career to start off in order to get your foot in the door of a doctor's office. That's the progressive step to build on your experience and climb the ladder of success with more rewarding position.

Phlebotomy's income based on employer

In 2013, the ASCP published ‘Wage and Vacancy Survey' stating that if any Phlebotomy technician work in a hospital that had 100 to 299 beds, they would earn an hourly wage of $13.41. If they are employed in physician's office laboratory, they could even earn more at $24.78 per hour. In addition, the non-profit institutions pay an hourly wage of $14.55 and those working with private industries can get up to $19.61 per hour. The Phlebotomy technicians at the staff level can get $15.60 per hour.

Phlebotomy's income based on experience

According to payscale.com, experienced Phlebotomists can earn between $24,497 and $45,930 while those start their career late, can generate earning between $19,329 and $69,315.

Phlebotomy's income based on certification

A person can become a certified Phlebotomist through training in Phlebotomy technician classes and by passing an examination to demonstrate their technical knowledge and can earn a higher rate of pay.

Phlebotomy's income based on location

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, five states have the highest Phlebotomist employment levels in Florida, Texas, Ohio, California and Pennsylvania. The average wage of the technicians in these states ranges from $27,310 to $38,430.

The Phlebotomy technicians' salary have some perimeter advantages that incorporate charges including

  • Pension advantage
  • Compensated vacations
  • Interpersonal protection
  • Medical care insurance
  • Professional coaching
  • Compensated sick and tired leaves.

Phlebotomy is certainly an imminent occupation in the health and wellness field and drawing relatively good amount of salary.

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