Guidelines for a Good & Eye Catching CV

seeking-moneyWhether you are looking for your first job or looking to change professions creating the perfect resume is imperative to actually bettering your chances of being hired. A strong resume does more than just tell your prospective employers about your work history. A resume that is effective will demonstrate the action and the results of your efforts and will help to illustrate the skills that you have to offer the company and how you will be an asset to them. One of the biggest things that you can do to help your chances of receiving at least an interview is to customize your resume for each job that you apply to.

Read The Job Description 10 Times

At any time that you are applying for a job you should make sure to read the description carefully. Make a list of keywords that the employer chose to use, qualifications and abilities that the company is looking for. For example, if the company is looking for a new employee that lacks organizational skills, detailed oriented and punctual make sure to use those same keywords in your resume and application. Most businesses choose keywords to filter resumes so unless yours stands out with this factor you may be passed up or overlooked. Your keywords will help to get your resume through the filter and be directed to a real person pushing you ahead of many other applicants that failed to use specific keywords.

Do you fit the Requirements?

Create a list that offers your accomplishments that fit the job description that you are applying for and with this list don't just think about previous job history but volunteer experiences, professional organizations and even team activities. Many companies like to see that you have a reputable history of being a team player and offering help even without gaining anything in return.

Typing Vs Hand Written

While typing your resume may be quicker it's more personalized if it's written. However, if you choose to type it instead make sure to add a cover page and with the first section of the resume including your objective statement which highlights the type of profession you are seeking, previous job history, education and skill set that you have acquired over time. When writing up your previous jobs you should limit them to the last 3 or 4 that you had and if keep them related if possible.

Always choose verbs that can help to convey action: managed, created, coordinated and implemented are good examples. Include concrete examples, such as you helped with implantation of new software that helped to increase sales by 50% over a 6 month period.

If possible ask for the help of a colleague, family member or friend to proofread your resume and give feedback. This will help to avoid grammar or typographic errors that might get you denied. Always double check your contact information to ensure that everything is spelled properly and that there are no missing numbers or letters in your address, email or phone number.

All of these are great ways to create the perfect resume and one last tip would be if you have limited job experience you can spruce up your resume by highlighting other relevant accomplishments which will help to show your qualifications. For example if you volunteered at a hospital during the years that you were still in school or summer vacations this helped you to build a special skill set which can be used on the application.

Here is an example of a good looking CV.


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