Why Science is (also) for Women?

scienceFor centuries women have been known for their capabilities of handling household and eventually it changed into being not only great homemakers but also great professionals in various fields of specialization. In spite of knowing and physically witnessing the fact that women are capable of doing jobs outside their homes we still live in a society where the number of male professionals beat the number of female professionals but that does not stop organizations from knowing what a woman brings to the table as an individual.

Now, this is a two way thing – Because of the stereotypical aspects of our society we may find a very few women who would engage themselves in STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and maximum numbers would be diverted to other subjects before they can discover their interest in STEM. You may also come across a few women who lack encouragement and would not pursue further studies in these subjects because of portrayal of competition where men succeed women in these fields.

A lot of individuals and parents do not realize that female candidates are actually highly preferred and in these specializations. In researches conducted by international institutes it is demonstrated that not only do persistent women perform well in STEM fields but also earn a lot higher than the men in their field. It is purely gender biasness that revolves around the fact that women are not efficient to complete tough tasks and move around for their researches due to their mental and physical abilities.

Note to Women: 3 Major Reason for Opting Science as a Profession

Though there are innumerable reasons behind choosing science, here is a list of the most significant ones that a woman can use for her consideration,

Gender Biases is Over-rated

As much as we believe that men overrule women in most of the fields you need to understand that the fact does not change that women are still needed in various businesses. Science is not just about moving around to discover new things in the jungle but it has a lot of scope outside its circle of myths. Science is multi-faceted which is includes social science, technology, bioscience, physical science and many more. These are some fields where women exceed men because of the scope it has to offer.

There are a lot of organizations across the world that opens positions for specific STEM domains which are female-centric, the ones that need the mindfulness of a woman in a special area of study.

Support and Recognition

There is no denial that only a woman who is determined and focused on their goal of being in the industry can get recognition in the field of STEM. There may be a lot of women who are and have gone unnoticed just because of a generic mind-set people have about both the genders. Getting the support and recognition needs strength and perseverance and not to mention high levels of interest and enthusiasm.

A strong foundation and desire from within to reach you targets can lead you to success that may go beyond the expectations of one and all.

You have the Power to Change the World

If we remove the gender inequality in areas related to career you will see that everyone on this planet has a capabilities of changing the world. We all look at things differently and our idea about life, creative aspects and worldly secrets is distinct in many ways. A man views and weighs the world with his mind and strategies it based on facts and practicality whereas a woman will go with her instincts and empathetic nature.

The roots of a woman make her capable of looking at things closely and with utmost detailing, a quality that is essential for science.

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