Clever Strategies to Recruit Great Employees

google-recruiting-billboardYour company's success is closely linked to the quality of the people you hire. Social media allows businesses to easily find job candidates. However, those same social networking tools have increased competition for great employees. Use these strategies to find qualified job candidates.

How candidates look for jobs

Job candidates use social professional networks, such as LinkedIn, and online job boards to look for positions. These tools mean that the candidates are less reliant on staffing firms to find work. A person can use LinkedIn to find specific industries and companies. Once they find a target company, they can use the site to find people who work at the firm. Even if they don't know the person they find at the company, someone in their social network may know the same individual.

The result is that an interested candidate can find a desired company and get a referral to someone in the organization. That business contact can provide more information about the firm, and possibly refer them to a hiring manager.

Employer methods for finding job candidates

Companies still rely on employee referrals and staffing firms as a source for job candidates. However, employers also use social professional networks to find candidates. They can perform searches based on a person's education, experience or particular skill set. An employer might need a person who speaks a specific language or has a particular certification.

The biggest concerns for an employer are competition for candidates and the required compensation needed to attract good candidates. Worker retention is also an issue. It's expensive to hire new employees. Once they arrive, a company wants the employee to stay long-term. The worker's skills can help the firm grow sales and earnings.

The trend toward mobile devices

Both job candidates and employers are spending more time using the Internet on mobile devices. Search Engine Watch explains that 80 percent of Internet users worldwide own a smartphone. To attract new employees, your company needs a mobile-friendly website. The page text should be large enough for mobile device screens. Your buttons should be far enough apart so that a viewer can navigate your site.

Using technology to streamline tasks

Your hiring process is the new employee's first encounter with your organization. You should take steps to make the process as easy as possible. Many human resource tasks can now be automated.

Some firms are using a digital signature service for staffing companies. The resumes, payroll documents and other records can be sent electronically. This process eliminates the need to print, fax and mail forms. You can also send emails to remind a new employee to sign a document that has not been transmitted. The signature service can help your firm save time.

Working remotely

Using technology is particularly important if your company has employees that work remotely. For this group, an automated process is ideal. As Business News Daily points out, businesses can now hire great employees- regardless of their geographic location.

Use these strategies to hire and retain good employees. The quality of your workers is a key driver of growth for your business.

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