A Writing Job Is Yours: An Essay Is Better Than a Resume

gegrtgrtgrThe process of looking for a job isn`t that pleasant. The very first phase is writing a resume. But how about an essay which will lead you to any interview you want?

An Essay That Will Help You Get Any Writing Job You Want

Writing a resume can be rather overwhelming and stressful. It`s like this myriad of thoughts are crossing your mind: “Do I lie or do I say the truth? Do I have to be super serious or showing my creative and artistic side will be a better option? Is my bathroom selfie a good choice for a resume photo?”

Apart from the last question, the form of your self-presentation as a professional doesn`t make much difference. But you should never ever consider a bathroom selfie as an actual photo that you`ll attach to your papers.

Do you know which is the only picture of you that can be worse than that? No, it`s not your prom photo. It`s a drunk bathroom selfie. You must think that it`s absolutely impossible. What kind of a sane human being would ever do that?

Oh, my friend, you have no idea what crazy stuff HR-managers have to go through on a day-to-day basis. Anyway, how can you give your resume a creative touch and should you do it at all?

Needless to say, it all largely depends on the position you`re applying for and the profession in general. Some jobs won`t even require a resume in a written form. All you need is a good portfolio, just something to represent your artistic skills and creative capacities.

However, at the beginning of this article, we have given you a hint on what this whole thing can be about. It`s a good idea to write a resume in a form of an essay. It`s different, it will stand out from the pile of other resumes, and it will give you an opportunity to show your unusual approach.

Besides, an essay gives your resume more personal vibe. It`s like you wrote it just for this company. However, writing essays may not be your most favorite thing if you`re studying at university.

Say no more! You can just buy an awesome essay online, and the problem will be solved. But you`ll still have to write that resume-essay, deal?

The Entrance

Nope, darling, it`s not the introduction, it`s the entrance indeed. Now let`s see how well you remember Cinderella’s story.

Don`t worry, we`ll get back to your job application. A few sentences later you`ll see where it is going.

So, the moment she enters the ballroom, everyone’s eyes start drilling her because of the mesmerizing look she has. Everybody`s shocked, amazed, and fascinated. We need that effect. How about that?

The introduction (or as we`ve already established, it should be an entrance) should be brief and act like fireworks. It`s bright, short, and extremely memorable. In fact, don`t you dare to write more than 2-3 sentences.

A quote is a good idea only if it fits the essay perfectly. Don`t use cliches. That`s the worst thing that you can stuff into your resume. They are going to kill that unique creative vibe you try to radiate through the paper.

If you`re applying for a job in the fashion industry, for example, adding some inspirational quotes from Coco Chanel or Christian Dior is way too mainstream. You`d better quote some wisdom from Iris Apfel. And if you don`t know who she is, then how on earth are you going to work in the fashion industry?

The Main Body

That`s where more or less serious stuff begins. The first part of your resume in a form of an essay is supposed to attract the attention of your employer. It has to evoke the interest and desire to read your paper till the end. This is the moment when you start describing your qualities, skills, education, but you`ve got to set your priorities right.

Don`t dedicate too many lines in that part of the paper to education. Let`s face the truth. It still plays a big role in your opportunity of being employed, but this role is dimming with every year.

Now companies are much more focused on your skills rather than the diploma that you may or may not have. So, a couple of sentences dedicated to the university years will be more than enough.

The important thing is the knowledge that you`ve received from your life experience. Such qualities as stress resistance, an ability to work under pressure, and good social skills are those that employers will be looking for in your resume. Don`t forget to put them into it.

However, it`s not the best choice just to make a list of those qualities or skills. Any resume contains those, and trust me, HR-managers just skip them. Seriously, they don`t bother reading all of them because everybody writes literary the same.

Forget about being all “responsible, punctual, and hardworking”. There is no way you`ll ever impress any employer with this list. I mean it`s awesome if you do possess those qualities, but be more creative, come on!

I`ve been looking for examples of incredibly cool resumes for you, guys, and I`ve found a masterpiece of this girl who got invited for a job interview by over fifty different companies.

I don`t know how about you, but I`d call it a success. What was so special about her paper? First and foremost, she wrote it in a form of an essay, and that`s something that we`ve been trying to teach you all this time.

She wrote something like this: “If you are going to need to hide a dead body, I won`t help you with it. But I`ll look for five ways how to get rid of that corpse on the Internet for you”. Don`t worry, she wasn`t hired by some criminals or mafia, she was just creative and eager to get a good job. And she got one.

The Conclusion

In this part, you can answer the most common question that you may be asked at the job interview. “Why do you want to work at this company?”. The conclusion should also be laconic. And while answering the previous question, you`ll be able to make it clear to yourself and a potential employer.

Do you really want to work there? And what positive effect will your work have on the company`s development?

If you have any questions, please ask below!