5 Most & Least Preferred Jobs at Walmart

Walmart is considered as one of the biggest chains in the retail industry that offers job positions to numerous job seekers. It is also one of the most challenging places to work for. For quite a time, it has been holding its reputation for offering a lower salary and unfair opportunities to labors. Sales associates at Walmart are hired for only USD 9 an hour wage, but at the managerial post, salaries may go much higher for employees along with incentives and perks.

In case you want to look around for job positions at Walmart, then here is a list of best and worst job positions to apply for.

Best and most preferred job positions

When seeking a job at entry level at Walmart, you may find the pay scale is on the lower side. For experienced professionals, the store offers much higher salaries and additional perks. Some of the top most preferred job positions to apply for at Walmart are mentioned below.

  1. Store Manager

This is the managerial job position at the Walmart and also one of the most preferred. When you work in this position you could earn a salary of USD 150000 to over USD 250000 a year depending on your performance. Some store managers are also entitled for best incentives and bonus if the store performs best.

The employers also ensure that better performing store managers are offered with increased compensation. At this position, you will also be interacting with customers and other associates. Your main role would involve:-

  • Looking into customer satisfaction along with supervising all other activities at the store.
  • You may also be responsible for scheduling employee meetings, training sessions, meeting everyday targets and goals and improvising rules and regulations at the store.
  • Additional job demands you to prepare and process payroll for employees, look into the merchandise requirements and inventory list, and completely analyze sales.
  1. Assistant Manager

Being an Assistant Manager at the Walmart you are entitled to receive a salary package of USD 45,000 yearly. Apart from this, on regular basis you are also entitled to additional compensations and bonus offers. This averages your yearly salary to over USD 48,311.

To apply for this job position applicants need to possess a valid degree from reputable university or college. You also need to have past experience in relevant retails industry for a one-year minimum. As an assistant manager, your main duties will be as below:-

  • You will be responsible for fulfilling the daily target for sales. You may also have to meet best performance and procedure compliance.
  • Assistant managers have to supervise other employees working at the store and look into the needs and demands of the customers.
  • You may also have to display your best skills with customer support via interaction.

When working as assistant manager at the Walmart you get a chance to gain best work experience. You can get to improve a lot of your skills and experience.

  1. Shift Manager

This is also one of the most preferred job positions at Walmart retails. As a Shift Manager, you can expect a yearly wage of USD 65,000. The offered salary is at least 8 percent on the higher side as per the National average. Shift Managers also get to earn their share as compensations and perks. You can be entitled to USD 18,000 yearly as cash bonus along with a stock bonus of USD 3200. This makes the net pay equivalent to USD 78,000 plus performance rewards.

Shift Managers enjoy flexible work schedules and support when working at Walmart. You may get a chance to improve your work skills and learn from your daily experiences.

  • You may have to work for extended hours at the stores. The job requires a lot of physical effort.
  • You will be in-charge for preparing the work schedules for other employees and associates at the stores. You also have to look into their performance at the store.

Working as a shift manager does not require you to possess any specialized degree or certificate, but you get the best career opportunity.

  1. Pharmacy Manager

This is a job position only for professionals at the managerial level. As a Pharmacy Manager, you will be entitled to a salary package of USD 139,000 yearly. The pay scale is also around 4 percent much higher to National pay scale. Apart from this you may also be collecting yearly cash bonus of USD 23800 making your overall pay equivalent to USD 160,000 yearly.

  • As a Pharmacy Manager, you will be responsible to boost sales at the pharmacies within the Walmart stores. Your main focus area will be the counter sales at the store.
  • You have to maintain customer data, offer them with right setoff information regarding medicines, enforce best customer satisfaction and service.
  • You will also be responsible for conducting various informational programmes within the community related to store policies.

To apply for the job position you have to hold a valid BSc degree or equivalent in Pharmacy or B-Pharma. Applicants having valid Pharmacy license can also apply for this job position. You may have to meet all job requirements at the store. The job demands long hour workloads but offers with best compensation and salary package.

  1. Order Filler

This is a job position available at Walmart where Order Fillers are paid a salary of USD 38,000 annually. Apart from this, they can also earn USD 2600 in the form of a Cash bonus, USD 220 paid as commission-sharing and USD 1100 as sharing towards profits made.

Being order filler, you are also entitled to overtime request where you will be paid an additional amount of USD 35 for every extra hour.

  • Your main job role will be to promote merchandise movement within the store, and storage area to logistics (Truck or Fleet company).
  • You will be responsible for looking into organizing shipments in the warehouse. You will have to be flexible with your work hours and enjoy using forklifts and other machines at the warehouse.

As per experts, this is the best job position at the Walmart for new recruits as compared to any other job position. You will also be enjoying working for long hours at the stores. In returns, you will be paid with much high salary and incentives. You also don’t have to worry about interacting with other customers at the store.

Least preferred job positions at Walmart

Some job positions at the Walmart also offer with big payment gaps as compared to managerial positions. Apart from this, it involves high efforts and stress. Some such job positions are mentioned here below:

  1. Cashier

Being a cashier you will be entitled to USD 7 to 17 for every working hour. At the entry level, the highest school graduates are paid around USD 9 an hour. Working as a cashier you will have to perform a lot of manual task at the cash counter. Your main job role may involve:-

  • You will be responsible for loading and bagging all merchandise at the cash counter for a customer during checkout. You will also be scanning each merchandise at the counter for billing.
  • It is important for you to meet the target for each scanned item on an hourly basis. This makes the job position more stressful.

Cashiers will have to work for long hours even during late nights. You will also have to handle long customer queues. Apart from this, you will be responsible for handling customer queries at the counter.

  1. Inventory Control Specialist

This is the job position where you will be responsible for working in the back room. Your major duty will be to maintain a list of all inventory that moves in or out of the storeroom. At the entry level, the salary may start from USD 10 for every hour. So with all other added compensation and cash bonus, you will be earning nearly USD 20,396 yearly.

  • As an inventory control specialist, you will also be using a number of machines including pallet jacks and forklifts.
  • You will have to look into the shipment of inventory and transportation to the sales counters at the stores.

The job position requires a lot of manual and physical labor with stretched hours of work. In some cases, you may also have to work late nights or early hours.

  1. Greeter

This is one job position offered at the Walmart where you may be responsible for greeting customers while entering and leaving the store. The job is related to customer service and you may have to stand for hours at the entrance. At the entry level, the pay scale starts from USD 7 to 10 an hour. You may also have to keep standing at least for 8 hours minimum. In later stages, the salary hike is from 0.40 to 0.50cents for each hour.

  • You will have to help customers with the shopping carts at the entrance and guide them towards other sections of the store.
  • The job position is more about offering customer service, maintaining security, facing threats, and looking at hygiene within the store and washrooms.
  • The job position can be compared to a type of security guard position at the store. This makes the job more stressful for job seekers.
  1. Sales Associates

As compared to other job positions, sales associates at Walmart are paid around USD 9.31 for every hour. On annual basis, they are paid around USD 18750, which is too less as compared to the average wage. Apart from this, the job also demands a lot of physical effort.

  • You may be responsible for maintaining hygiene at the work are in the store. You will also be responsible for looking into the normal working of the store at the counters.
  • You should be comfortable making use of other store equipment and machines for carrying or lifting inventories.
  • Sales associates also have to tow back the leftover shopping carts in the cart area. They will also have ot maintain inventory at the display are and assist customers with purchase.

At Walmart, sales associates get to enjoy the friendly work environment with only limited options for promotions. In some cases, they may have to handle difficult customers.

  1. Customer Service Manager

Even if this is a managerial position still it is counted as worst job position to apply for at Walmart. Your pay scale may be around USD 22470 on annual basis as compared to other companies that offer with around USD 51600 annually. You may also be responsible for performing a number of duties at the stores.

  • You will be responsible for looking at all the work operations of the store regularly. Your responsibility will also be to assist cashier with change, register audits for supplies and maintaining cash registers.
  • You will also have to look into queries often customers and train new recruits.

In most cases, customer service managers have to work for long hours due to the shortage of staff, peak hours and holidays.

Source: Walmart Official Page

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