5 Misconceptions about Using an Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring is a practice that has become very popular in recent days. The reason for this is simply that employers have become more conscious about protecting their public image. Since social media age began, branding has become a highly competitive niche. Besides, the slightest mistake anyone makes online becomes a serious problem for the reputation of any business. This is why; employers have started keeping a closer eye on people working for them. The need to make sure their business is safe is the only driving force here. However, along the line, some people have developed misconceptions about an employee monitoring software. Once such app is Xnspy, although, there are numerous others available.

Misconception 1: Employees Are Stealing Your Data

Employees feel threatened by the fact that their employers are monitoring them. They assume that their employers want to steal their data. This is not the intention nor the case. This is why; employers inform employees about their company policies regarding monitoring beforehand. The idea of informing them is to tell employees not to store any personal information on the company-issued cell phone. The only information employees monitor on the target’s cell phone is company related.

Misconception 2: Employers Use Tracking on Employees Suspected of Espionage

This is not always the case. There have been incidences of espionage in the past, which have led to the downfall of some huge business organizations. However, not all employers use the app for this reason. The inbuilt GPS tracker and Geofencing tool allow employers who work with a mobile workforce to track their individual workers at any time. For example, in a cab business, the employer needs to know the whereabouts of individual vehicles.

Misconception 3: Employers are Always Listening to Calls

Well, not always. In some cases, there is the need to listen to the conversation employees have with customers. Most of the time, customer care services record conversations, but that is on dedicated lines. In the case of conversations via a cell phone, an employee monitoring software comes handy. All the calls recorded upload to the web-based control panel. From there, employers can listen to calls if the need arises.

Misconception 4: Employers Cannot Eavesdrop If the Door is Closed

Employers can listen to whatever you say behind closed doors. Because such apps give employers the power to turn on the recorder without detection, they can listen to everything. The app records all ambient surroundings and uploads the files to the control panel. From there, employers can listen to recordings at their leisure.

Misconception 5: Employers Cannot Use the Employee Monitoring Software to Collect Proof

Interestingly, people underestimate the power of a monitoring app. Employers can do so much with them.

Employers can use features that include taking screenshots, access to emails, and access to internet messengers, access to Facebook chat, Instagram, and access to the employees’ internet browser history. It offers employers everything they need to track their employees around the clock, including GPS tracking and Geofencing.

With the Geofencing feature, employers can know how much time their employees spend at a bar instead of working. The employee monitoring software also allows users to track call logs and alerts them whenever employees use certain words in emails and text messages with specific contacts.

What people fail to realize is that employers use such apps with a single intention – to protect their own company secrets. As long as employees avoid using the company issued cell phone for personal things, they are not at any risk. It’s a simple matter of workplace ethics and principles.

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