4 Things Your Resume Needs in 2017

resume for employmentAccording to numerous HR managers and recruiters, they are forced to reject even more job candidates because of their poorly written CVs and resumes. The reason for such common denials is due to high resume standards and demands pulled out by many reputable companies, which seems to make the enrolling process even harder.

Not everyone can make his or her application winning and impressive from the very first second the employer would look in the paper. In fact, having a properly written resume could put you on a shortlist with most demanded and most experienced candidates.

Professional Touch

Experts assume that hiring a professional resume writer for your first successful job application is probably the best option, though they recommend being cautious about the choice of the resume writing company.

Some career coaches recommend resume writers as they guarantee professionalism, high performance, and a personal touch. However, this not the only way to optimize your CV/resume to a newer professional level. Just you, your current knowledge, the tips below and a PC or laptop – and you have all the chances to easily create the best resume on your own.

Nice-looking Margins and Proper Formatting

All of the resume guidelines mention about the 10-second rule followed by 99% of recruiters. Unfortunately, barely anyone would read the whole content of your resume from the beginning, but making your application look logical, appealing and properly edited could stimulate the manager to go further.

Thus, watch for your clear headings, literacy, margins and fonts (including the font’s size) to make it easy-readable even from a phone screen (who knows which device the employer would use at that moment).

Remember to place the most winning keywords and other bullets more on the left side of the paper, desirable a little higher than the middle point of the page – this way you increase chances that employer would notice them right as soon as he starts reading. Finally, try not to leave chunks of blank space.

Writing a strong resume headline can make a perfect introduction for any cases. Focus on being yourself and list out the most powerful values of yours that may fit in 1-2 sentences.

Make sure you do not use general and vague phrases. The more specifics will be listed – the better for you. In case you still have no idea what you’re supposed to write, search online for several drafts that would eventually help to produce your own unique and most importantly self-marketing introduction.

More Accomplishments

None of the employers does actually care about your former job duties and mentioning them in a resume wouldn’t play in your favor anyway.

However, if you demonstrate remarkable and unique accomplishments and tell the employer how you’d contributed to the former company, your chances to stand out from the crowd of other candidates with similar job experience will definitely increase.

There’s no place for general claims and hackneyed clichés as well. This is why try highlighting your strengths and skills with more specific achievements, at best the ones that provide quantities (increased percentage of sales, larger income in dollars etc.) This is what goes on a resume, not the job descriptions.

Personal Statements for Each Sending Resume

Apparently, different industries and jobs require their own set of specific qualifications, keywords, bullet points etc. For instance, resumes for an engineering position and the one for a graphic designer are different because of the resume’s design and even the writing style. So, make sure you’re editing the application according to each position.

You’re supposed to make sort of a career summary, which is basically a brief overview of who you are and what you’re capable of doing as an employee.

Remember what the employer is looking for: a skillful and knowledgeable worker that by his or her performance contributes to the company’s prosperity. Therefore, your resume summary should definitely shout out loud how great and irreplaceable of an employee you are. Not to mention that you can actually become a perfect replenishment to the company’s community.

There is one more thing: as an addition to your winning resume application, do not forget about the power of networking. It is strongly recommended to find potential contacts whenever a good opportunity comes.

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