3 Great Career Options for Artists and Creatives

When people talk about lucrative careers, they often think about things like business, finance and banking. And while these are certainly great options for many people, they aren’t the only options out there for someone who wants to take their career seriously! Artistic people in particular can sometimes find themselves feeling like their giftings don’t lend themselves very well to having a great career. But the fact of the matter is that almost any job can be viewed through an artistic lens, and beyond that, there are many careers that are well-suited to artists and creatives of all kinds. Here are three such careers to consider.


Baking not only carries with it a certain nostalgia that many artistic people will appreciate, but it’s also the meeting of both art and science. That means that there are built-in guidelines to much of what the job requires while there is also an element of artistic expression in the actual process of creating the products that customers will enjoy. And of course, the best part of this career path for many is that the result of their work is very tangible and makes other people happy, so it’s a great choice for someone who wants to see the impact of their work.


Architecture is a unique combination of technical and artistic skills. Someone who designs spaces and buildings needs to know how a building functions and works, how to keep things within code and how to achieve a particular client’s goals. At the same time, an architect is given the opportunity (and responsibility) to create designs that will come to life with character, beauty and aesthetic value for those who will see and use the space. A career in architecture is certainly not an easy one, and higher education as well as licensing will be required to achieve official status as an architect. But once you begin to work on projects that come to life right before your eyes, you’ll know that the time, effort and money you put into pursuing it was worth it.

Social Media Content Management

Social media content management focuses not so much on the creation of content but on its use for the benefit of a client or company. Social media has become one of the primary mediums of communication for just about everyone (from individuals to large corporations), and the time required to use it well and maximize its potential has created opportunities for people to step in and make a living giving their time to it. Many creative people and artists of all kinds can benefit companies in this area with their high-quality sense of aesthetics and their ability to creatively communicate a message through both words and other visual mediums, and the analytical aspect of social media content management can be a healthy challenge for them in the process that rounds out their experience and skill set.

Whatever work you choose to pursue as an artist or creative, you can do it wholeheartedly and watch expectantly for the meaningful impact you’ll have on the lives of others through what you create.

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