10 Offbeat Careers that Reap High Benefits

Although I am not of the opinion that you're defined by what you do professionally, I do believe that the career you choose speaks a lot about you.

That's why when it comes to choosing a career some of us stick to the more conventional alternatives like nursing or teaching, while others crave to walk on the not so trodden paths. They refuse to get seduced by the lure of a secure 9-6 job with all its trappings and seek careers that few have chosen because of their unconventional nature.

Does that sound like you? For those who are not looking for a run-of-the-mill job here are 10 offbeat careers ranging from the mildly odd to the truly jaw-dropping:


1. Photographer: Photographers are geniuses that capture moments and eternalize them. According to the job description, photographers produce and preserve images that record an event or tell a story. Work possibilities are endless. The job's not easy, but exhilarating enough to make all the hard work and risks associated with it, worth every dollar. Average pay: C$37,459 per year.


2. Musician: The good news is that there are no educational prerequisites to become a musician. The bad news is that you need to have talent and oodles of it. Musicians sing or play an instrument for a live audience or in a recording studio. You should be prepared to do a considerable amount of struggle to get noticed. But once you make it, fame and fortune are yours for the taking. Average pay: C$25,434 per year.

Tattoo artist

3. Tattoo artist: Imagine creating art on human bodies for a living? That's what tattoo artists do. They are incredibly talented and creative people who can bring a person's imagination alive on his/her body. They need to be able to handle all the equipment properly and be familiar with sanitation requirements. They should be able to guide clients on how to care for their body art.

Private Detectives

4. Private Detective: Love to solve mysteries? Can't get enough of Sherlock, Dexter, Supernatural and other whodunit detective dramas? If your answer is yes, you're perfect for the career of a private detective. Private detectives are hired by clients to uncover facts and analyze information pertaining to their legal, financial, and personal matters. They often have to work irregular hours in pursuit of clues, but the high of finding the missing pieces of a puzzle is incomparable I'm told. Average pay: C$19 an hour.

Ballet dancers

5. Ballet dancer: There's nothing more graceful and ethereal than watching a ballerina perform on stage. If you saw Natalie Portman in Black Swan, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Now imagine doing this day in and day out in front of an awestruck audience. It's scary as it is thrilling for a budding ballerina and before you know it, you're hooked. But there's a lot of training, practice, and hard work on the way, so be prepared. For more information on this profession in Canada visit The National Ballet of Canada.

6. Medical transcriptionist: What? Medical transcription? Really? Yes! Let me explain: medical transcription may not be the most glamorous job out there, but it's definitely no run-of-the-mill affair.It's one of the most sought after and lucrative work-from-home jobs. And if you thought it was boring, just listen to a doctor's dictation once. They are supposed to be legendary and I'm told some of them also squeeze in a few jokes to entertain their medical transcriptionist. Average pay: C$18 an year.* For more information on this profession visit Career Step.


7. Fitness trainers: Life without the gym is incomplete these days and gym without a fitness trainer is just a huge room filled with fancy machinery. Fitness instructors are the people who lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities - be it cardio, strength, athletic, or any other type of fitness training. Job outlook is great and work environment is soaking wet with adrenalin. Average pay: C$12 an hour.

Executive chef

8. Executive chef: They say brilliant cooks are born, not made. There's magic in their hands and flavor seeps into their cooking. If you love to cook and have people literally eating out of your hands, consider this extremely exciting and lucrative career. As a professional chef, you'll be supervising the preparation of food at restaurants, private events, etc. The job is hectic and often involves working on weekends and holidays, but the joy of putting together culinary delight after culinary delight is something else. Average pay: C$54,745 per year.

Voice actor

9. Voice actors: Ever heard of acting with your voice? Just think back to your favorite animation character. Voice actors are people that bring your favorite cartoon or video game character to life. They also provide voice over for radio jingles, television commercials, and movie trailers. These artists emote with their voice, which according to me, is thousand times more challenging than emoting with your face. Average Pay: C$50 an hour.

Skydiving instructor

10. Skydiving instructor: As a skydiving instructor, you are the person responsible for providing someone wings. You help them take their first freefall and change their lives forever. You'll need to go to a training school, gain tons of experience skydiving yourself, and earn a license before you can guide others.

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