Useful Tips for SAP Certification Exams

Study, Study and Study Some More

If you want to do your very best with the SAP course and work towards your certification, you need to become a huge fan of studying. The best quality preparation comes from extensive studying, research and practice. Therefore, the first tip that you should become comfortable with right away is the power of studying for the exam.

Research the Actual Exam

Another helpful tip is to focus on researching the actual exam. In addition to researching and studying the content that you will likely find within the exam, take the time to study the format and structure of the exam itself. Doing so will help you to fully prepare yourself for what is to come from your test-taking experience as you work towards obtaining your SAP certification course.

Research the Exam Center

In addition to researching the actual exam itself, make sure that you take the time to study and investigate the center in which you will take the exam. Keep in mind that these examinations can be conducted and proctored within third-party sites where you could actually be sitting next to someone who is completely a different type of exam all together.

After being asked to turn over all of your personal possessions and items that you may have stored within your pockets, the text exam proctors will provide you with paper and a pen. Remember to leave the paper behind once you are finished with the test so that it can be destroyed and disposed of to preserve the confidentiality of the exam content.

Avoid Fake Websites with Scams

Chances are that you will encounter at least one particular website that offers exam questions or a “surefire” roadmap to passing your certification exam with flying colors. It would be in your best interest to avoid any and every single type of website that offers this type of “package.” The exam questions posted are usually either outdated, irrelevant or absolutely fake.

Do Not Rush, Use Up All Available Time

There is not a race to see which person can complete the entire test with the fastest time. On the same token, there is not a cutting room floor in which you will not be able to receive your certification unless you make the “cut” and become one of the first few people to complete the test. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to simply take your time. It is highly recommended to use every single minute allotted to you as you take your test to either add your answers or check the answers you have already added.

Focus on the Question First

As discussed in most SAP training courses, the key is to pay close attention to the actual question itself as a top priority. Make sure that you should read each question at least twice carefully before you even consider the options available. In most cases, the natural inclination is to read the question quickly and then dive into considering the available answers. This approach allows you to take a different route to the same destination: getting the answer done correctly!

Check, Check and Check Again

Paying close attention to the question does not mean that you should just casually overlook the answers made available – especially if your eyes seem to travel to the answer that seems correct almost immediately after looking at the answers available. Make sure that you slow your brain down, put down the pencil or pen and focus on making sure that you identify the correct answer – not just the one that seems correct. There is nothing wrong with verification and taking the time to do so. Make the time to do so during your exam and reap the benefits.

Do Not Hesitate to Bookmark Questions

As you work your way through your test, do not hesitate to use the tools and resources provided within the actual SAP certification exam itself. For instance, there is a tool that allows you to keep up with the questions that you may want to review later – perhaps at the end of the examination as you take the time to carefully review your current answers before submitting the exam. Your goal should be to add a bookmark to the questions that raise concern or even the ones that took you a considerable amount of time to answer in the first place.

This tool makes it possible for you to mark the question and then come back to it later without losing track of it. Once you are finally ready to move on to the next question, you will be able to use the same exact tool to remove the bookmark and proceed with submitting the exam.

If you have any questions, please ask below!