How can a SQL Certification be Helpful in your Career?

The demand for talent and certified database professionals is always high. SQL offers one of the brightest career paths of today. This can be gauged by the pace at which technology is growing and is taking over all aspects of life. There is no doubt about the fact that SQL Server by Microsoft is one of the most widely followed database management systems in the world.

Now, if you are planning for the same route, then certification is regarded as the first step as it rightly helps in handling the configuration, installation and even the maintenance of the whole process. The primary requirement, of course, is the underlying interest in databases. Also, of course, you should be prepared to work hard. Certification will open your eyes to many new aspects of the same in addition to adding credibility to your CV. It is one of the major attractions you can add to your resume as it shows your seriousness to your potential employees.

The primary benefits for which the SQL certification was a Microsoft initiative started with an aim to equip the deserving professionals with the desired skills for helping them accomplish mission-critical database surroundings. Certifications prove the expertise of an individual to handle various business intelligence tools.

Primary Benefits of the SQL Certifications:

Gartner has said that the Business Intelligence Market will reach $22.8 billion by the end of 2020. Looking at these future trends, it becomes clear that the significance of this certification goes up. Also, it was found that in 2019 nearly 340,000 jobs that were posted around the world needed SQL Server skills. It is expected that there will be an increase in the demand for SQL skills by the year 2022.

The certifications are typically designed for helping you get complete knowledge about concepts like installation, configuration, DBA components, SSRS, SSIA, etc. JanBask brings you the best-in-class training programs in SQL that allow you to learn the details all at your pace and convenience. You also get a chance to get hands-on experience with various technologies. Such experiences give a great boost to confidence, especially in interviews.

  • Sound Proof of your Abilities: Listing of the MS SQL Certification in your resume is one of the best endowments you will make to your resume. It adds significant worth to your professional career path. The management comes to know about your SQL knowledge and becomes sure that you are well-aware of all the new functionalities of the SQL Server. Getting a job in SQL Server Database Management is one of the hardest parts in the career path as firms usually do not prefer to hire freshers to handle the most conspicuous assets of their business-the database. Hence getting into a firm becomes a bit easier if you are backed by certification.
  • The credibility of Your Knowledge: There is no doubt about the fact that a SQL certification wins you a place ahead of the crowds. It is a clear professional advantage as you become specialized in your field of work. Such specializations often present you with new opportunities in the job market as many employers always lookout for individuals who have highly specific knowledge about one aspect or project on the database. As a result, you will get better opportunities.
  • Enhances Performance: The two distinct stages are followed by database managers-one being the backend operations, and the other is the user interface. Certification will equip you with the right approach for you to arrive at the best solution to the problem at hand. Hence the time required for the debugging operations will be considerably reduced and hence fasten the speed of the whole project. Now as you see that the SQL Server databases are increasingly used in many businesses and are used in almost everything like online shops, cloud infrastructures, applications of the corporates, etc. Thus, a sound knowledge of the SQL Server allows the holder to make use of all the latest tools to carry out these tasks more efficiently.
  • Understanding of the Underlying Technology: Database is a tedious topic that truly demands a vigorous study pattern to explore all its facets and parts completely. It was in the mid-1970s when SQL Technology was fully developed, and it is since then that it has become well-documented and intricate.

Remember, there is a huge scope for a Specialist DBA. Eventually, the role becomes highly critical, and in many organizations, they also form a part of effective decision-making in case of technology, architecture, and even engineering. A recent survey by data labs has stated that there are nearly 156 986 companies around the world that are based on SQL Server. Even the US Bureau of Labour Statistics states that there will be a general growth in the requirement of DBAs by 17% due to an obvious increase in jobs.

Thus, it is a wise step to get yourself certified it the SQL Server and get ready for the future job market. Also, remember, apart from the much-needed boost it gives to your resume, it also gives the right increase to your pay-check, and you can comfortably add another 10% to your annual package. Hence the vital gap between the knowledge and skills gets plugged, and you become more ready for the jobs. Certifications, unlike your normal courses, are not theoretical knowledge but also prepare you for the production-ready environments.


SQL Certifications are a great option for pushing your career ahead in the SQL Server. The skills learned, help you learn skills that will stay with you for a lifetime. You can then possibly come up with database and information solutions, thus making you a valuable asset to your employers. We will love to hear about your views and experiences with certifications.

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