The R71 Certification

certificationWhat is the Checkpoint CCSA Update Training Blades R71 certification you ask? Well, it is an IT certification that has been designed to help IT personnel around the world update their training blades and update all the knowledge they have regarding Checkpoint services and the products that Checkpoint has introduced. This certification is not only one of the most sought after certifications but it is also one of the most high paying certifications in the IT world, which is a vast and ever expanding world.

In addition, as this is an updated certification which is the successor to the Checkpoint R70 certification, candidates can count on the fact that this certification won't be retiring anytime soon and will be in effect for a long, long time, a time during which it will continue to keep the value it has and will continue to benefit IT personnel. In addition, this certification is one of the best ways IT personnel can use to get promotions and raises in their salary. This is one of the most famous paths to IT success and to justify that fact, all a person needs to do is ask the IT personnel that have obtained this certification.

Certification exam

In every case which has a certification in it, there is an exam or a set of exams that a candidate needs to clear before they can get their hands on the certification. Well, in this case, there is one certification that guards the Checkpoint CCSA Update Training Blades R71. The one exam that guards the Checkpoint CCSA Update Training Blades R71 and the one exam that candidates of the Checkpoint CCSA Update Training Blades R71 have to clear is the Checkpoint CCSA Update Training Blades R71 156-215.71 exam.

Exam details

Full exam code: Checkpoint 156-215.71

Full exam name: The Check Point Security Expert R70/R71 upgrades 156-215.71 exams.

Allotted time: The allotted time for this exam is 70 minutes.

Questions: This exam consists of 60 questions which have to be attempted by the candidate within the given time.

Accredited course and certification: The accredited course for this exam is the Check Point Security Expert R70/R71 Upgrade

Available languages: English.

Exam type: Proctored exam.

Exam provider: The exam is provided by many, many exam providers, the most known of which is Checkpoint itself.

Technology used: No technology has been used to design this exam.cca certification

Products that use the skills measured in the exam:

  • Smart Reporter
  • Security Gateway
  • SmartProvisioning
  • SmartWorkflow
  • High Availability
  • IPS SmartEvent
  • Management Portal
  • Data Loss Prevention.
  • Skills measured

This exam measures the following skills:

  • Every candidate needs to know Check Point Technology Overviews and Software Blade Architecture
  • Deployment Platforms & Security Policies
  • Messaging and Content Security
  • Ability to work with Core XL
  • Issues in Firewall Administration
  • How to protect email and messaging content in information systems.

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