Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Office Cleaning Service

Service from professional office cleaners can boost the image of your company. It can also boost the morale of your employees, giving them a feeling of value and appreciation. Yet, you can get more out of good office cleaning services.

There are many ways to get more out of your office cleaning service. The tips below highlight a few ways of bargaining for advantages from the beginning of a cleaning contract.

Tip 1: Look for Green Cleaning Office Cleaners

Why “go green” when choosing an office cleaning services? The answer has less to do with superiority of cleaning than it does with the image of your company. Simply put, as long as “green” is in, it is an image booster. If you serve a clientele which happens to care about the Earth, then being able to pitch that your building / office space is cleaned under green demand won’t hurt.

And further, green cleaning is actually more beneficial to both the environment and humans. Hiring green cleaning service is healthier. In most cases, it’s safer. And, it may put you in position for receiving green-related tax deductibles.

Tip 2: Look for Office Cleaners That Guarantee Their Services

Getting the most out of any service is dependent on getting service that matches the pay-out. Service guarantees guarantee that you get responsible and timely service. Once finding a service that bets on its work, ask for references to support the company’s claims.

When office cleaners guarantee their services, they are putting you in control. You become the inspector. You become the critic. And, you have the final say on whether or not they do a good job. As such, you set the bar for what is satisfactory for your facility. Janitorial services that allow you to set the standard are usually very confident that they can do better than what you expect.

Tip 3: Start a Bidding War

At times, getting the most out of cleaning service means that you control the pricing process. Granted … that can be difficult. One way that you can gain control is to open a bidding process. As companies compete for your business, the best candidates will shine; and, they may offer lower rates than what they originally intended.

What’s more, the selected company will exert considerable effort in keeping you as a client. If the bidding process was competitive, the selected company will work to keep close competitors out of your mind and out of “their” building.

Tip 4: Try and Get Specialized Services Packaged With Routine Services

A janitorial business is relatively inexpensive to operate. As such, routine services can be obtained at reasonable prices. These include, but are not limited to the cleaning of restrooms and/or kitchen areas, removal of trash and vacuuming.

But what about specialty cleaning, i.e., carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, floor polishing and window cleaning? You can always hire specialty professionals to do these types of jobs on an as-needed basis.

Before you pay more money to hire a specialty cleaner, find out if your routine cleaner has experience in one of the specialties. Once discovering that your janitor supplements his work with carpet cleaning, negotiate interval carpet cleaning at a lower price. Or, consider doing the reverse. Contact a specialty cleaner and try getting deals on cheaper janitorial service.

Tip 5: Hire Your Cleaners for After-Hours Work

Specifying that you want work done after hours helps in two ways: first, your cleaners will be free to do a better job; secondly, they can be hired on a less-expensive part-time basis. Also, you avoid the complications that come with adding another person to your day-time staff. Have your employees and clients leave a mess and return to a spotless office, cleaned by invisible hands.

Tip 6: A Walk-Through is a Must-Do

Be sure to walk through the job with your janitorial service. Doing so helps both parties to iron out proper expectations, and it sets the stage for fair fee negotiation. You’ll also get an idea of what your cleaner sees when he walks through your office. If you already have established cleaning service or you inherited it from a previous property manager, have the service manager schedule a walk-through.

Tip 7: Ask for a Free Trial or Demonstration

Asking for a trial is not just a gimmick for getting a free day of cleaning services. It can help with the process of elimination. Companies willing to throw in a free day, or two, will have confidence that their services will satisfy the needs of your facility.

Keep in mind, however, that some reputable companies may balk at providing free service. You can address this by asking if the prospective company has something in place that will help you make an honest decision on their services. And, if you happen to get a free day of cleaning, have the company officially commit to cleaning at the level initially demonstrated.

Terry Etherton owns and operates Total Concept Cleaning, providing tailored cleaning solutions including office cleaners to window cleaning across Perth, Western Australia.


  1. I liked what you said about asking them to clean after hours. My friend has been thinking about hiring someone to clean up the office for her, but she couldn’t really figure out the logistics of it all. I think that this would work best for her and the other employees so that nobody is in their way or distracting them while working.

  2. Victoria Addington

    It’s great to know some helpful tips on how to get the most out of a commercial cleaning service. The company manager appointed me to hire a cleaner for the office since they need more people to maintain the cleanliness in the office building. To narrow down my options, I shall then follow your advice to ask for a free trial to see how they execute their services.

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