Author: Harry Pearce


CRM in the future: How should it be?

Few years before…CRMs were clunky, unmanageable, poorly designed and most importantly expensive! Automating the business process through the CRM was a distant dream. While the large corporations did manage to get hold of the CRM (with huge hardware and set up cost), small investors had to manage sales, marketing and […]

Data security

What is Ethical Hacking?

Does the concept of buffer overflow or DDoS attacks attract you? If yes, then ethical hacking is indeed your right career field. Ethical hacker is known by several names such as white hat hacker, legal hacker or the rarely used penetration tester. Government organizations require ethical hackers for their daily […]

Marketing Services

Dos and Don'ts of Paid Online Surveys

Why would market research companies pay you for participating in their online surveys? Market research plays a significant role in the way a business formulates its advertising and marketing strategies. A business that knows its target customers is capable of creating the right products and services for them and increasing […]

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