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How to Improve Visibility of a Truck

Road safety is an important concern for drivers and pedestrians alike. The threats on the road can hardly be ignored. There are various scopes of accidents while driving a vehicle. While some accidents result from driver errors, some could result from improper maintenance of vehicles, weather conditions and so on. […]


7 Reasons Why Your Businesses Should Have Mobile App

Digital media plays an important role in our lives in today’s high-tech society. Many small business owners, however, still feel that having a website or a Facebook page is enough to attract and communicate with their customers — which is just not the case. The truth is, every business small […]

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Top tips of recruiting with AI integrated HR software

What is AI for recruitment? Artificial intelligence for recruitment is the application of artificial intelligence to talent acquisition. Machine Literacy can shortlist the ideal seeker and automate homemade tasks during the recruitment process. This technology is intended to automate or streamline a part of the reclamation workflow, particularly repetitious and […]